woman editing video on her laptop

Best laptops that are perfect for video and photo editing in 2017

December 15, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Laptops are considered a convenience equipment. It seems like much more people nowadays have laptop rather than desktop computer. Being able to take it anywhere and work with it at any moment makes laptops crucial and necessary piece of technology to have. While many video editing enthusiasts work on a big screen (and a desktop computer), it’s not always possible to do it in their professional studio. This is where...

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Best gaming chairs

The best chair for gamers in 2017

December 5, 2017 Category: , 1 Comment

We have already covered a lot of equipment that is meant to improve your gameplay performance such as microphones, headphones, mice, keyboards, some hardware and more. The time has come to look at gaming chairs. So what’s the most important for you when it comes to gaming chair? Is it an absolute comfort when sitting, or perhaps some stylish gaming look? In this blog we will show couple of examples...

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Best 9 gaming mechanical keyboards as of 2017

October 28, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Gamers often struggle to buy the best equipment, since the choice between things they want for their computers is so vast, that actually deciding whether to go for the best, or the average is still a pretty hard task. We’ve collected several gaming mechanical keyboards that we think are the most gamer-friendly but also have everyday use value as well. Check on the list and have much easier time deciding...

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8 best and cheap gaming headphones in 2017

October 27, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Each pro gamer knows pretty well, that in order to efficiently play PVP games, you need a proper headset to assure not only perfect surround sound but also sufficient and clear communication. Unfortunately, it?s not always possible to go to the store and buy the best headset available on the market. We?ve presented a list of 8 cheap and very efficient headsets for gamers, to save you the time of...

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The best live streaming and recording equipment up to 200USD

October 18, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download Everyone who is interested in recording games, tutorials, webinars or would like to stream their activity, they need to equip their room with a few essentials depending on the requirements, since good computer alone might not be enough to guarantee you a success. Nowadays, competition is so huge that quality of the videos recorded in terms of sound and visuals is extremely important for...

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Top 5 Best Gaming Mice to buy 2017 Ranking

October 17, 2017 Category: 3 Comments

Podcast: Play in a new window | Download So, you have just set up your ultimate gaming station, and you are raring to go. What remains is getting the best tools for the business. Top of the list is a right gaming mouse, and you are unsure how to get a mouse that will serve you faithfully in your quests. Look no more. Here, we provide a comprehensive list of the best gaming...

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