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Discover Picture² and enjoy amazing video quality!

Mirillis is proud to present Picture² - advanced image post-processing engine, providing the best video experience. Watch standard and high definition videos like never before.
Download Splash and enjoy stunning picture quality of your videos.

Motion² - perfectly smooth video!

Introducing our most advanced video improvement algorithm.
Motion² intelligently recreates missing motion in 24p cinematic framerate content, bringing amazingly smooth picture. By combining CPU and GPU power Motion² defines a new meaning to perfect video quality!
Available in: Splash (Premium Feature)
Requirements: Full HD: Quad Core CPU + GPU, 720p: Dual Core CPU + GPU
Motion² flash demonstration.

Motion² Sample Clips:

Please download 1280x720 sample clips for full Motion² experience.
Sample Clip 2 - - 1920x1080, 20p clip from Canon 500D

Download Motion² 640x360 clip (3.6MB)
Download Motion² 1280x720 clip (3.6MB)

Light Boost

Intelligent lighting and color enhancement for vivid and bright playback experience. Combine Light Boost with Detail Boost and Motion² for outstanding video experience.
Available in: Splash (Premium Feature)

Detail Boost

Advanced image post-processing algorithms provide sharp SD content output on HD display and make your HD videos look even better. Combine Detail Boost with Light Boost and Motion² for outstanding video experience.
Available in: Splash (Premium Feature)

1080i to 1080p conversion

Your 1080i videos can really look better! Experience smooth video with 1080i to 1080p conversion, both for GPU hardware accelerated and software video decoding. Splash is probably world's first player providing this feature for pure software video decoding. Download free Splash HD video player and enjoy your 1080i movies like never before.
Available in: Splash

Motion Compensated Deinterlacing

Picture² Motion Compensated Deinterlacing delivers great picture quality even when your hardware doesn't support the latest advanced deinterlacing algorithms or when it is not available. Enjoy sharp and clean videos independently of your hardware.
Available in: Splash
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