Please note, that Remote Action! is no longer developed.

Action! 2.0 and newer versions do not support Remote Action! Please, download and install Action! 1.31.5 for Remote Action!

Remote PC access and gameplay is now available as a separate product. Please read more and download free version at:

Remote Action!

Discover the best remote access software for your PC!

Remote Action! provides fast and smooth remote PC access! Play your favorite PC games and control
your Windows desktop with Android devices or another Windows PC! Try now!

1. Use all Windows applications remotely on Android devices!

Imagine that you can use any PC Windows application on your Android device. With Remote Action! you have instant access to your projects, documents and applications on PC in an outstanding quality, wherever you are.

2. Play all your PC games remotely with Android devices or another PC!

Try Remote Action! and play all PC games remotely in smooth HD quality up to 1080p 60fps. With layouts manager you can customize all controls to easily play any PC game on Android devices.

3. Remotely access and control your PC with another PC

With Remote Action! you can access your PC from anywhere. Use your favorite applications, play games or access your data stored on remote PC. With stunning performance and video quality Remote Action! delivers the best remote PC access experience.

4. Watch movies, TV shows and LIVE streamed videos from your PC

With Remote Action! on your Android device or PC you can remotely browse and watch all your PC movies, videos, TV and LIVE streamed events in smooth HD quality. Remote Action! provides the best remote PC video playback experience!

5. Perfect remote access with smooth HD games and desktop quality

Remote Action! provides the best performance, quality and user experience for remote PC access software. Enjoy your PC games and applications in smooth HD quality (up to 1080p 60fps) both on your Android devices and Windows PCs!

6. Easy to use remote PC access with stylish user interface

Remote PC access with Remote Action! is easy! Our app provides sleek and user friendly interface, fast and easy setup, favorite lists for Android app to easily run your PC games and applications, advanced game controls customization and more!

7. Fully customizable game controls for Android devices

Remote Action! game control layout manager allows to create and duplicate layouts and fully customize all game controls. Import/export options allow to share favorite game control layouts between your Android devices. Now you can play any PC game on your Android devices!

8. Fast and secure remote PC access

Feel safe using Remote Action! All data transmitted with Remote Action! (including audio/video and mouse/keyboard data) is encrypted to keep your data and privacy secure. To avoid unauthorized connections every new device (Android or Windows PC) connecting to your PC must be authorized on your PC.

9.The fastest PC remote access software for Android and Windows

The unbeatable Remote Action! performance allows the smoothest real-time HD PC remote control ever! Try now and play your PC games, watch videos, control Windows desktop and applications in superb HD quality!