Introduction to Active desktop / screen recording mode

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Welcome to basic introduction to Mirillis Action! Active desktop recording mode. Active desktop recording mode is dedicated to capture fullscreen desktop videos of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. With the world's best screen recording performance Action! records perfectly everything on your PC screen: applications, websites, videos, music videos, games and more!

Examples of what you can use Action! desktop recording for:

  • Record desktop of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Record online games
  • Capture all web videos
  • Create video tutorials
  • Capture videos played in media players in windowed and fullscreen mode
  • Record all applications, games and websites

Follow this tutorial to learn basics about fullscreen Windows desktop recording.

Active desktop recording mode

Switch Action! recording mode to "Active desktop".

Mirillis Action! - active desktop recording mode

Action! HUD appears in top right (default position) corner of your screen. Action! is now connected to your Windows desktop and is ready to start desktop recording.

Mirillis Action! - HUD in active desktop recording mode

Active desktop recording

Press "Start/stop recording" button or F9 hotkey to start Windows desktop recording. HUD status changes showing that Windows desktop recording is in progress.

Mirillis Action! - HUD showing desktop recording in progress

Press "Start/stop recording" button or F9 hotkey again to stop desktop recording. HUD status changes showing that Windows desktop recording has finished.

Mirillis Action! - HUD showing finished desktop recording

Desktop recordings playback

Open main Action! window and check video recordings list. Video recordings list shows all your desktop recordings, gameplay recordings and any other screen recordings available in selected output folder.

Mirillis Action! - list of desktop recordings

Action! includes internal fast player dedicated for video recordings playback. Select your new desktop recording and use mouse double click on a thumbnail to start video recording playback.

Mirillis Action! - desktop recording playback with Action! player

To playback raw Action! video recordings you can also use one of Splash media players.
Splash PRO and Splash PRO EX provide additional features like SmartSeek, Audio boost, Screen capture and more. All Splash products are available for download at Mirillis website:

Action! HUD on video recordings

Please note that with default settings Action! HUD will be included with all Windows desktop recordings. If you do not want to include HUD in recorded desktop video you must hide HUD manually with F6 hotkey before recording start or select an option to "Automatically hide HUD during desktop recording".

Mirillis Action! - HUD settings - Hide HUD during desktop recording