Mirillis Action! Tutorials: Using virtual joystick to control PC games

Remote Action! - Using virtual joystick to control PC games

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Some games, like Mortal Kombat X (PC), require to use a virtual joystick to make it possible to play it remotely with Remote Action! Using Remote Action! and virtual joystick is easy, please follow the steps below to install and setup virtual joystick.

Please note that installing virtual joystick may cause problems with controlling some PC games. Please install it and use only for games that cannot be controlled with Remote Action! using standard mouse and keyboard events.

Update your Action! on PC and Remote Action! app

Please make sure that you have installed:

  • Action! minimum version 1.25.2 on your PC
  • Remote Action! app minimum 1.3 version on your mobile device

Download and install vJoy software

Please download and install virtual joystick software vJoy from:

Download vJoyInterface.dll

Please download vJoyInterface.dll from a link below:
Download vJoyInterface.dll

Now please copy the vJoyInterface.dll file to your system directory:

  • 64 bit system: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
  • 32 bit system: C:\Windows\System32\

Reboot your PC.

Create layout using virtual joystick/gamepad events.

Run Action! on PC. Run Remote Action! app and connect to your PC with vJoy installed. Run the PC game that you would like to play on your Android device using virtual joystick/gamepad events(i.e. Mortal Kombat X)

Open Remote Action! app Menu and tap Game Control Layouts.

Remote Action! Game Control Layouts manager

Create a new layout or select existing to customize. Now add a new button to your layout and tap OnPress option on the left panel. Now tap a gamepad icon to add a virtual gamepad event to your newly created button.

Assign virtual joystick/gamepad_events

Add more buttons or other controls to create a layout for your game.


It is recommended to change supported buttons number in vJoy config. Please run Configure vJoy and change Number of Buttons to 14 and click Apply."

If you experience any problems with controlling other games you can disable vJoy device using Windows Device Manager.

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