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Some suggestions for future releases

Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:02 am

Glad to see that version 3.0 has a preview window and allows for more control of a live-stream or even a recording. That being said there is always a bit more that can be done over time such as adding a method for saving the set ups for streams and recordings. I like to stream different games so I end up using different overlays for each one and because of this it can be a hassle to reapply all the overlays and webcam positions from scratch when you want to switch games. Another nice feature would be the ability to display a txt file as a customizable overlay (font editing), and also being able to apply filters to it like a scrolling filter. This feature would be very helpful for things such as song request which uses a txt file in many cases. Another thing I noticed with the new update regarding overlays is that only one can be used at a time if it's not a custom url overlay, hopefully more overlays can be added in a near future release. One last thing that I would suggest and it's not really that important is the ability to upscale an overlay from say 1280x720 to 1600x900 even if it slightly degrades the quality of that overlay since I have some overlays at 720p that I'd still like to use at higher resolutions. With that having been said keep up the good work guys, I'm lovin the UI for the new release :D.

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