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Motion2 - what are the hardware requirements?

Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:38 pm

Dear Sirs,
could you describe some details on the requirements to the hardware, needed to utilize the GPU power in order to support the Motion2 work?

1. Is the hardware acceleration of Motion2 work available for both ATI and NVIDIA cards or only for one of them (for example, for CUDA - enabled NVIDIA cards only)?

2. Assuming the Motion2 requires substantial processor and GPU power,
Starting from which least powerful GPU / cards in the (ATI or NVIDIA) product line
in combination with which least powerful CPU (Intel or AMD)
is expected to be definitely, surely sufficient couple in order to support the heaviest available Blu-Ray files play at the maximum available quality settings? As heaviest available files I mean the files with the bit rate of 30 and more Mbit/s.


FYI: at the moment I use another motion smoother (freeware) software: the Smooth Video Pack version 1.3.4
The software could be installed in English and with the user interface in English.
I would suggest you to try it.

IMHO the picture it gives looks great, and the result is far better then any other similar software solution at the market can provide. The only problem with this software use is that unfortunately the software uses only CPU. Thus, for the heavy Blu-Ray files (with bitrate of 30 and more Mbit/s) playing smooth, I have to reduce the quality of the smooting from the "maximum quality" to "average quality" quality settings. The lower quality settings may give more artifacts.

I can't wait to try and buy your solution,
as I believe it has a potential of producing the results higher in quality then the above mentioned software does.
Provided it is true statement that your Motion2 utilizes the CUDA GPU acceleration for the most speed-critical parts of the motion smoothing algorithm.

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Re: Motion2 - what are the hardware requirements?

Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:42 pm

Hi, we will publish detailed hardware requirements when Motion2 will be fully integrated and tested.
We will also include h/w requirements for other Picture2 features (LightBoost and DetailBoost).

Hardware acceleration will be available for ATI, NVIDIA and INTEL. It will use GPU for video decoding acceleration.
ATI STREAM and CUDA support is planned for a future.

Next week we will publish some preview screenshots/clips of Motion2 and other Picture2 features.
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Re: Motion2 - what are the hardware requirements?

Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:30 pm

Why you don't want add dvb-t support to splash pro? I don't want install 2 similar program - one to watch digital tv, other to watch movie.

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