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Vegas crashing when importing video file

Fri May 01, 2015 4:12 am

OS: Windows 8.1
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX780 ti
Current Driver version and date: 350.12
Memory: 16 GB
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Recording mode: Game/Application
Video Type: AVI

Ok, so first of all sorry for my bad english.

This is what is happening, I was using windows 8.1 with action and sony vegas, but after a windows updade (I guess the problem was the update but i'm not sure) sony vegas stop responding when I try to import a recorded video with action, I tried so many things, I formated my computer to windows 8.1 again and it still happens, then I got back to windows 7 and it works perfectly, it has been like 4 months now and I decided to give it another try because I preffer windows 8.1, but it still won't work.

I tried:
-Uninstall graphic card driver and use the internet i7-4770k video card
-Differents versions of sony vegas
-Update windows to the latests windows updade
-Tried others gaming recorders softwares and they don't work as well
-Tried run both programs in compatibility mode with windows vista and 7
-Recorded a video in my computer and tried to edit it in my laptop with the same windows version and it worked! (my laptop specs are i7-2860QM 8GB of RAM and NVIDIA GT540M)
-Tried to convert the video with more than 5 softwares and all softwares crashes trying to read the file

I don't know what to do, if you guys want I can record a video with my cell phone showing what is happening and upload it.

I think the problem is my processor after a certain windows 8.1 update, my friend has the same processor as me and I tried it on his computer and it did'nt work too.

Thank you soooooo mush in advance, hope we can get this fixed

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