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Re: Monflo connection problem

Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:32 pm

I am also having this issue. However, it worked fine until I purchased a new router (EdgeRouter ERX). I think there may be some kind of passthrough that needs to be implemented.

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Re: Monflo connection problem

Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:48 pm


I just want to add my solution as I have found this topic with no results, too. So i tried some stuff and it was an DNS issue.

my setup
- 3 local PCs in the same network
- behind a firewall (nat)

- DNS set to Router/Firewall

- DNS set to internal DNS

- DNS set to internal DNS

- Can't control A from B
- Can't control A from C
- Can't Contro B from A
- Can't Contro C from A

- can control from B to C
- can control from C to B

So everything where PC A was involved couldn't make a "local" connection. Tried several stuff like disabling firewall or reinstalling, enabling windows script host again, ... until i changed the dns from Router to internal dns. I have a setup here where the Router can not resolve Hosts that are registered in my dedicated dns server. Just check if "nslookup hostname" and "nslookup ip-address" gives a proper return.

I guess MonFlo checks for a local connection and tries to resolve it, but fails in this special case. Another hint might be: "direct connection" was displayed on all connection attempts. I haven't checked the network stack and how monflo tries to determine and connect to local pcs, maybe someone with much time can analyze wireshark traffic or a dev gives response to us, to clarify or confirm my guess.

kind regards

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