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A Few Problems I need clarify on / Fix before Purchasing

Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:07 pm

I am considering purchasing this software however, there are just a few problems/difficulties i want to clarify on

1. What is this Error?
I get that error whenever i am asked to choose a folder.

2. When i was test trying, sometimes, it says it recording but it does not record anything, then i press the folder on the left side of the program, and reselect my folder, and record again, then it records and saves. (this will be an very big issue if i start recording during a game, but it does NOT save)

3. As stated
After product purchase you are entitled to a free updates within purchased product version. In example after purchase of Action! (version 1.x.x) you are entitled to free updates to Action! 1.x.x versions. Upgrades to next product versions (in example from Action! 1.x.x to Action! 2.x.x version) or other product versions are not free.
What version is it now, if i purchase it, and you go up to the next product version, i would feel slightly screwed over lol.

4. If i have the program running from the background, the HUD Image pops up for quite a few of my applications such as VLC player (yes, it gets annoying when i am watching videos)

5. I would like to be able to disable certain hotkeys such as screenshots, record audio etc.


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