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Action! is recording wrong resolution and more in "Aquaria"

Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:01 pm

I've noticed some problems while recording gameplay footage in the game Aquaria which I play on Steam. I have been able to work around them but is still an odd problem.

The first I noticed is it won't record twice (two seperate video recordings) in one session. I stumbled upon this because before I ever do a video game commentary I will go in-game and do a few small test recordings to see if everything sounds good. I will have the "Video Recorder" recording just the game, and at the same time use the "Audio Recorder" recording just my mic. This way I get two separate files I can edit individually. Here are the options I have for both.

Video Recording:
MP4 (Intel Quick Sync Video)
30 fps
Record System Sounds
Allow multi-channel audio recording

Audio Recording:
Allow multi-channel audio recording
Record Silence

What I do is go in-game and hit both recording keys at the same time and record a few seconds. I will alt+tab and see both files in their menus... all is good. Now I click back in game and do the same thing. This time however when I alt+tab to check the files the only new file was the audio file, no new video. So I try going back in game and recording JUST video. The HUB turns red showing that it is in fact "recording". I stop it and alt+tab to check and there is still no new recording. This only affects video, audio I can record as many times and it always saves the new file. The only workaround I found was to close out of Action! after I did a video recording and then open it back up again to start a new one.

Now the second problem I noticed is even though I have it set at 720p, it will always record at the resolution the game is set which I confirmed with a few tests.

I have only recorded two other games before but they both worked fine. This is the first game that this has happened on. Would this be an issue with Action! that would need to be fixed, or a problem with the game coding that would need to be fixed by them?

I'm really not sure if this is something that I could be helped with but I thought it was important enough to bring to Mirillis's attention. Thanks a bunch and REALLY enjoying Action!.

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