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Mirillis action mouse speed/sensitivity glitch

Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:42 pm

Okay so I have an issue with my mirillis action software, The bug is when I record on my games (usually minecraft :3) My mouse sensitivity goes crazy it doesn't happen in 30fps only above 30fps but I shouldn't be restricted to just 30fps as my pc is more than capable of recording 60-120fps outputs.The glitch is really annoying, I have 800 dpi on my razer deathadder chroma and around 60% in game but it feels like I'm playing with 3000 DPI, This happens in 1080p avi files haven' tried any other files as avi is the best.

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Re: Mirillis action mouse speed/sensitivity glitch

Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:08 am


I am very peculiar about mouse sensitivity and have not seen Action! have any negative effect on my mouse input in 3 years of using it across various game.

The only thing similar to what you are talking about are FPS drops due to the added resource usage that affect mouse input like so:


What I suggest is that you enable AMD APP / NVIDIA CUDA rather than using your CPU to encode the videos you capture, that should minimize the performance hit. Also look into disabling mouse acceleration to get a consistent mouse input and the ability to measure your sensitivity via 360/cm or 360 or 720/mousepad width

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Re: Mirillis action mouse speed/sensitivity glitch

Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:14 am

This is happening to me! Please help someone. It's not my FPS or any issues like that, I'm currently trying to run cs and fps is at 298.

This mouse sensitivity glitch only occurs after I've launched action.

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