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Problems with ACTION!

Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:40 pm

Hello dear Mirillis,
i always tell people to use Action! because it's good but i change my opinion a little.

When i close the Program or turn my PC off some settings reset and some not. For example i set "run action on windows start" and "start minimalized to tray". It saved... (Button would be nice so people would know that it saved...)
Then after 2 Weeks i changed the videosize to 720p and 30fps... then i record some videos and turn my PC off..
(i set it always again and again to the settings i want.. so i don't need to say "i set it back how i want it and then i recorded/edited stuff and turned off my PC when i went to sleep" i just keep it short ok? Turn off means basicly "next day".) next day the size and framerate settings are gone... so set it again... then i set also MP4 Nvidia format. I recorded some videos and then i couldn't open that format in sony vegas 13. So yeah... i changed it to MP4 to test this format and after i turn off my pc there was still MP4 Nvidia instead of MP4.... next day my PC i had MP4 Nvidia but.. all other settings are gone.. yay... so set all that stuff back and yeah... my "being annoyed level" is pretty high.

Can you just make something work? When i set something i want to have it setup like this for ever? Not till next PC start.
Sometimes i record something in 2560x1440 60fps 3h and the funny part is that my 1TB HDD is pretty FULL... instead of 720p 30fps.
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