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Action! / RTSS overlay

Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:16 pm

I found a post for which there was no answer!
mbze430 wrote:I am doing a trial to see if Action! will record in-game overlay using RivaTuner Statistic Server v6.4.1
I am using a GTX 980 TI with the setting to use NVENC HEVC/HVENC using MP4. I tried Original and 1080p resolution and nothing will come up from the RTSS
On the RTSS side I tried Stealth Mode ON/OFF or Custom Direct3D Support ON/OFF and Vector 3D and Raster 3D, nothing seems to put the overlay in the recordings.
Are there specific settings to get the ingame overlay from RTSS to show up in the recordings?
I support the the aforesaid! on the video-capture is not displaying RTSS overlay on-screen layers and the like apps, such as HWiNFO64, PlayClaw and others. regardless of encoding methods - Intel® Quick Sync Video or NVENC HEVC/HVENC
despite the fact that the function: «Perfect Video Match» in OFF and «Record mouse cursor» ON!

anybody please reply

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