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My action Keep resetting the recording timer

Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:38 pm

Bascliy every time i record it would record up to 7 mins then start all over again making a new video file. I dont understand why is it doing this cause it was working before, I was able to record up to 5 hours of game play. Now it keep resetting and i dont know what to do. I also Have try all the video formats available. Also change my game resolution. But It just keep resetting. I also notice every time i try to download the updated version it just stays the same number as before than the installer update number. It also stop my live stream when im doing one repeating cause of the reset. Im on windows 10 I have a nivida 970m and a intel i7 processor. with 1tb of memory that is not full at all. Can any one give me some help please

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