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Occasional Action! "Crash"

Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:36 am

Okay, I've noticed this issue for a while, it rarely happens but it is always kind of shocking to me when it does.
Generally after troubleshooting or fiddling around with my network, or internet settings, after a Restart, Occasionally, Action! will cause the screen to Flicker multiple times, which results in a "Crash".

the reason why I'm Quoting "Crash" is because all it seems to do is force log me out. it's strange, and happens cross operating systems W7-W8.1-W10. (Most often during system startup however)

It's not a big issue, because it doesn't seem to be causing any damage, and if I act quick enough, I Can manually Shut the program down with task manager, and start it manually and all is fine.

.... This might be a stretch, but While I'm here, I Recently noticed after running (SFC /Scannow) to check my systems health before backing everything up, that there was a file that was Corrupt. This File was Called, opencl.dll, and has Something to do with video drivers, But i know not more than that. Does Action interact with this file at all?

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