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Very important new features in Action!

Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:24 am

I wish you a good day
From the outset, I would like to apologize I do not know where I should put this topic.
I have very fond Programme Action! Well, even this program is not perfect and also because I would like to welcome some changes and maybe not even the only one who would want such changes.
So let's do it:
First of all, I would like to welcome change HUD I have 27 screens and sometimes I have a problem while playing games can quickly see how long loading because HUD is very small. Here I would have liked the opportunity to immortalize HUD to be clear and even in fast action in the game I have a clear overview of what the status of the recording.
It's a lot of people who do not have home microphones that support pushed MUTE may suck though as when recording what disturbs people whether it's a person or phone call so I would really wish that to HUD options has been added feature to view the microphone when the microphone is active shone by the If green when speaking to each other should be as animated point that everything works if we have the Action! MUTE key to set and managed, we have the key, so the green microphone with red and would be crossed out so we knew that we turned off the microphone and in the video we do not receive unwanted thing.
Similarly, the web camera when there is a light is green in the HUD and it shuts down it will be red.
Here I prepared by some pictures in particular as I think:

Furthermore, I wish we could function during a live stream for example, set 1080p 6mbp this would be a setting that would stremed. Well, it would be possible to simultaneously set up a PC to PC recorded better so as: Stream 1080p and 6Mbps to local recording 1080p 30-60mbp. Now it works is that if the stream is set, for example, to 720p, 3,5mbp so also the record is stored in the PC and it's quite a problem when a person does not have a very fast internet so you must adjust the setting to a lower setting but would like to record upload to a service of better quality that can not. It would therefore be good if the Action! Two settings allow a stream to a local recording so that after the stream better quality imposed on the PC.
I wish the recording function of the HDMI device thus, for example, AVerMedia or Elgato example, I connected to AVerMedia AVerMedia PC and game console linking it got so I would in Action! He could choose from a new menu and a recording: recording mode HDMI device.
Add recording function DX12 because this feature has to Action! Problem if the game is in DX12 and Action! It is turned on so the game will not be recorded or the game will crash, and the application stops working.
Adding support for recording Widnows Store 10 games.
Option right in Action! Click on the file upload extract audio. When you record with Action! Game if the game I comment will you select to make me sound recorded separately because each game has different effects and volume game and is not 100% set a single adjustment so the game would not be loud and micron silent or vice versa to have to be used to extract a naked sound from a microphone through the program Pazera Free Audio Extractor that I ever got to the audio file, and then recorded video and audio already in separately with the video editor.
The same example would be very good as it got SplashPRO function in the export of video to set the volume of the audio 1 and audio 2 and extract into one file and it would greatly facilitate the work for people who do not want to use video editor.
These are features that I really missing in Action !. That's why I need out of Action! Use more programs for recording since Action! These functions do not. I firmly believe that once see an these functions.
Sorry spelling but I helped the translators and it is therefore possible that the hill is not misspelled words.

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