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Action on Windows Tablet issue!

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:58 am
by Lyttle
Hey there, I purchased this software many moons ago and started to use it more frequently. I have recently purchased a windows tablet to be more efficient on a videogame I play and I decided I would like to record some of that gameplay, but the issue is with the program.

The program only seems to think my tablet can be in portrait mode and I can not find a fix for this at all, I recorded my 30 minute session while on landscape mode with the thing in landscape but when watching the footage is recorded it as if it was in portrait.

I don't know the name for it but the thing that displays the FPS and that you are recording, the HUD I think? That shows only in portrait mode 100% of the time instead of ever showing it in landscape mode.

I really want to record using this tablet but I can't get action to go into landscape mode, any ideas? This tablet also has windows 10.