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Videos wont record higher than 37 FPS

Wed Jan 06, 2021 4:48 am

I'm trying to record MS Flight Simulator and that is selected as the game to record.
The recordings work however even though I am getting over 50 FPS in game, the recorded video is never more than 35 FPS making the playback choppy. If I set the Video Framerate to 30fps then my recorded video is basically 30 FPS so it appears that the recorded video frame rate is being limited somehow.

* I am recording at 2k resolution. Choosing 1080p doesn't make a difference.
* I've tried all three options under Hardware acceleration and it makes no frame rate difference.
* "Use hardware acceleration for video encoding" is CHECKED and I've tried both NVIDIA NVENC options.
* Recording to SSD or HDD doesn't make a difference.
* I am trying to record at 60 FPS.
* The recorded videos FPS varies between 34 and 37 FPS. But usually it is 35 FPS.

I can record at 60FPS using Playclaw and GForceExperience. Playclaw doesn't record HDR 10 properly so that is why I'm looking for a change. I disabled HDR 10 and it didn'r change the recorded FPS.

Recording the desktop at 60 FPS yields a video recorded at 60 FPS. So that works. Interestingly, If I use desktop recording and record MSFS it records at 35 to 37 FPS. Which is what I actually get when recording in game mode.

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Re: Videos wont record higher than 37 FPS

Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:14 am

In the main tab, next to selected framerate change VFR to CFR and see if that helps.
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