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How to report translations improvements

Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:42 pm

We do our best to provide high quality translations, but we are also aware there is always a space for improvements and we believe that there are no better experts than native speaker users of our software. Please share your comments or improvements for translations, thank you!

When reporting improvements for translations, please try to keep reporting in the
manner described below. This will help us to introduce improvements quickly.

1) Make a new topic and include language in the topic name, i.e.:
"Few improvements - Spanish"

2) When reporting strings please provide us also with current string version in both
languages (your native language and English), i.e:

Current translation:
Spanish: sample text string
English: sample text string

Should be:
Spanish: corrected text string

3) Please add reason or short error description, i.e.:

Description: missing a character
Description: this sounds better
Description: current translation is incorrect
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