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AVI Video Editing Preparation [Solution]

Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:53 pm

Mirillis is a great tool for Recording all sorts of Screen Material.
I personaly record Tutorials and sometimes Gameplay with it.
But most of you know, that the biggest concern with Mirillis is the use of the FICV Format, which can take you into huge trouble when trying to Edit Videos with another Software such as Sony Vegas, Premiere or whatever you use.

I think, since I had to google myself a lot to get any solutions, I want to share them with the community here.
Also it might help the Mirillis Devs to have a peek into the average Usecase.

Third Party Tools
Virtual Dub:
Virtual Dub is a free Video Editing and Encoding software.
Kind of handy and as said...Free. :)

Audacity is a Free Audio Editing Tool.
Regulary you want to overlay your Video with some Sound.

Lagarith Lossless Codec (or others):
It's a quite Fast Lossless Codec for AVI Files, which we can use to reencode the FICV File.

Editing Audio
Personaly I always do some Audio Editing on my Voice, to reduce noise and Equalize my voice a bit.
This can be done with Audacity. However, to know how you should Edit your audio, you can read in 1 million Tutorials online. This part focuses on the Specific Problems with Mirillis I had.

You need to Extract the Audio Tracks from the Video, this can be done with Virtual Dub.
Open Virtual Dub and Drag&Drop your AVI File into there or go to File->Open Video File.
As soon as your Video is Opened you can go to the Audio Menu and select the Source Audio you want.
On the File Menu again, you can Save the Audio as WAV.

In case you have more than 1 Source Audio Stream available (mirillis record microphone on extra stream) you can do this 2 Times for each stream selected.
Protipp: If you own DxTory you can rightclick the File and extract the Audio directly with the context menu. ;)

For further Editing you can decide if you want to Merge the Audio to 1 Track (usign audacity or something like that) and attaching it again to your Tool or just encode your AVI without sound and adding the Tracks in your Editing Software again.

Video Compression Change
The Problem with Editing the AVI Files in Softwares other than Mirillis is the use of the FICV Compression wich is a Custom compression by Mirillis.
The Benefit here is the Efficiency in Recording in terms of Speed and Data.
Keep in mind, that smaller Files mean less Data to store while recording. Since a HDD is a bottleneck while Recording, this is one reason for the High performance of mirillis Action.

Workflow 1 - Only Audio Editing:
If you dont need any Editing Software, but want to add your Custom Audio (edited audio and music and stuff), you can reassemble the AVI without reencoding it.
I usualy create 1 Single WAV Track with all the Audio I want, using for Example Audacity and save it as WAV File.

Then you can go over to VirtualDub, and insert your Mirillis recording.
On the Video Menu, you select "direct stream copy".
On the Audio Menu, you select "Audio from other file" and then the Audio Track you just made.
Click on File Menu and Save as AVI.
You can now Render this File with the Mirillis Export Option.

This is a fast way to Create Videos with a bit of Audio Editing.
The Mirillis Export, configured to high Quality can deliver quite Acurate Videos.
My Coding Tutorials for example need to be verry Uncompressed, to not wash out any Text on Screen.
It works well so far.

Workflow 2 - With Video Editing:
As mentioned, we need to Recompress the AVI to be able working with it without any problems.
I know, recompressing Videos is not the best Idea, but as far as googling went, its the only Solution to make Mirillis Recordings work.
The only benefit you now get from using Mirillis over other Recording Softwares is the Performance. If that doesnt matter, you can also use DxTory for example.

I use the Lagarith Lossless Codec for my Recompression. You can use whatever AVI Compression you want.
First install Lagarith, and then Open Virtual Dub.
Load your Video into Virtual Dub and open the Video menu.
Then make sure "Full processing mode" is selected.
Now go to the Video Menu again and click "compression", it will show you some possible Compression methods.
Assuming you installed the Lagarith Lossless Codec, select "Lagarith Lossless Codec".

If you want, you can Configure the Lagarith Codec.
My Lagarith setting:

Now you have changed the Compression setting.
If you want to Add a Custom Audio Track to the AVI (only one possible i guess)
then click on Audio and add the File of your desire.
You can also add your Audio later in your Editing software.

Now click on the File menu, and save as AVI.
This will now take some time, but at the end, you get a Relativly good Quality AVI File as output.

Closing Lines
I am sure this is not the best Guide ever seen, but its just my Workaround for Mirillis Files.
Maybe someone can take any use of those approaches.

The dirty recompression may not be the best possible way to handle Video Files,
but as long as Mirillis doesnt over an AVI2AVI export I dont see any other solution.
Mirillis should take more care of the more passionate Users, that also want to Edit their files.
The AVI Compression FICV is not bad, since the Files are half the Size as with DxTory + Lagarith, but it has its Price in usabillity. Its no common Standard, and most of the Tools I tryed will crash with that format.

If you got better Tweaks I may oversaw, you can also tell me those.
But this are my 2 cents.

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Re: AVI Video Editing Preparation [Solution]

Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:58 am

Oh my God...

You mean I have to do this to just HAVE SOUND??????

I can only hear sound in the Action player, it is silent in every other program I tried (5 in all)

I want my money back

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Re: AVI Video Editing Preparation [Solution]

Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:41 pm

tarzan wrote:Oh my God...

You mean I have to do this to just HAVE SOUND??????

I can only hear sound in the Action player, it is silent in every other program I tried (5 in all)

I want my money back
This is only a tutorial of how to prepare your AVI files to edit them in third party software.
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Re: AVI Video Editing Preparation [Solution]

Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:56 am

Thank you... I guess?
Actually, if you use joyoshare video merger, video editing can be a lot easier.
It can also merge a audio track with videos.

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