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Gray Screen +

Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:24 pm

When I'm connecting to my pc throw my phone using remote action ( local network ) I see a gray screen on my phone.

I looked at my pc and the pointer is moving and everything is ok but I can't see anything on my phone except for a gray screen - It might be a problem with remote action app because I didn't saw that in the previous version of mirillis action and remoe action for android.

I changed quality, bitrate, everything - I tried with another android phone - still not working...

I have a good internet connection

Upload Speed: 100Mb/s
Download Speed: 100Mb/s

Also - When I'm using remote action on my laptop - I can't connect to my pc ( it is showing "offline" ) even that my pc is connected to wifi...

When I'm using remote action for android and I'm connected to my pc it change to " already connected " but when I finish and disconnecting from remote action session it again switching to "offline"


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Re: Gray Screen +

Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:40 pm

It may sounds silly but please verify your computer clock if it's showing proper time. We had a similar issue in the past where wrong time was causing the PC to be showed as offline.
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