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Why i (sadly) have to opt for SVP instead of Splash2

Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:51 am

I'm a huge fan of mirillis' Action! and came close to purchasing splash 2 also. The price is fair, i love the interface, the ease of use and had zero problems playing videos. Sadly i'm going to opt for svp (smooth video project) and mpc-hc combo as it seems, because it offers two huge and a couple minor advantages.
  • Can play/interpolate videos in as high fps as you monitor supports. If you have a 144hz monitor like me this is pretty big.
  • Can stream youtube (and many other, popular or not, platforms) videos. Pretty big also.
SVP can also export interpolated videos (through avisynth), costs a little less than splash (15$ or free with less features), but those really didn't matter to me. It's about the 2 big ones and it pains me because splash is so much better / easier / prettier in every other aspect. To be honest i'd probably go with splash even if only one of those was implemented.

If the next versions of Mirillis Splash add these things, i wouldn't hesitate a second to buy it, even after buying svp.
PS. For anybody interested, i also tried out PowerDVD during my tests, but it was (to my surprise) a buggy unpolished mess.

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