Bugs report...

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Bugs report...

Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:09 pm

Dear Developer after 4 years and even with a "new version" there are still the same old bugs...

1. When you just go to random part of movie or a series playback happen mostly in MKV file the there is a delay in the audio and sometimes with the subtitles no specific file or movie (tested more than 100+ difference files).

2. Movie Thumbnail problem sometimes there is no thumbnail and sometimes the thumbnail is blank or show differently from other episode of the series even though all episodes have the same opening and starting...

3. Subtitle are not shown correctly like it is reversed or like a mirror...
Moreover sometime the word effect is shown (happen in many MKV anime series that subtitle have effect on them...

there are a lot more other bugs but lets start with those top 3 in my taste

I hope more people will post here other bugs they have found I am really disappointed that we are in 2016 and free players or other paid players are much better than Milliris Splash

I do not want to even start to talk about the 3 or 4 years with no update to the player which is unaccepted especially after we paid full price

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Re: Bugs report...

Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:03 am

It's a probable problem on your end...My thumbnails work like they should, and thumbnails are random, it does not matter what of the openings and endings of the episode, not every episode on a video thumbnail file will show exact same thing.

For me subtitles work like they should as well, no problem whatsoever, never had. I'm watching anime as well, getting the best quality with 1080p, all works fine.

Even back in previous Splash PRO ex all worked the same way for me like it is now, all good. The only problem I recently stumble upon is the Audio problem, it does not play the audio, with error/exclamation mark on the bottom right corner, and when I press it shows this screen, I know that they all should be checked, but they aren't. I had one other file with the same problem, but having VLC besides me as secondary player, I have no problems just switching and playing file on VLC instead, though I want Splash to be my main player, sadly because of nowadays recommendations that are missing here, I require to have a backup player just in case. Like the 10-bit capability...instantly forced to play through VLC, x265...the same, only through VLC.

I don't know if this is actually updated/new version of the previous player, it somehow actually feels the same old with a new graphical design...and some refreshed options, and 1-2 meaningful additional options.
Audio problem with rare files
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