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Picture2 can not be enabled ? tips for you

Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:21 pm

i installed splashpro 1.13.2, but all features of picture2 could NOT be enabled (light & details boost, demo). i had searched everywhere about solution. they suggested me to :
1. install MPC or GOM to fix the codec,, but no help.
2. reinstall VGA driver,, but nothing help. even i've tried older version.
3. adjust some options of setting menu, nothing.
4. install older version of Splashpro, none

it annoys me for 2 weeks to fix it, coz tbh i love splashpro. great player for HD. till today i've found the solution, and idk why.. wanna share with you guys. maybe can help someone out there :

==> Install Cyberlink Power DVD 10 or later version.

i dont know exactly why,, but it fixed my problem. my first assumption is: i have to install DivX or other HD codecs to enable Picture2 features. and PowerDVD install those for me.

hope can help :)

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