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audio sync issue with no man's sky

Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:03 am


I record using AMD APP, 30 fps, original resolution. In no man's sky i tried setting FPS to 30 and 60 but it makes no difference to audio sync issue.

I record 10 minutes of footage and the longer it plays the more out of sync it becomes. I can fix the clip by stretching the audio down in sony movie studio but it of course causes some missing audio in the last few seconds of video.

Plus its annoying to have to fix every one of my clips like this. Is the issue due to no man's sky FPS jumping around?

My no man's sky fps jumps around and is not always solid 60 fps, does that mean it causes disbalance between audio and video?

can't mirillis automatically adjust audio recording to fluctuating fps?
my microphone is perfectly in sync so i think the issue is FPS fluctuations.

I just want a CONFIRMATION of WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. Please thank you.

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