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Judder/Stutter When Capturing from 4K60 Pro Mk. 2

Fri Jun 11, 2021 9:35 pm


I've been trying to do some console capture and I have noticed an issue with a persistent stutter throughout my captures through my 4K60 Pro Mk. 2. Especially noticeable with the environments when the camera is moving around the character. The same stutter isn't on my OBS or Elgato recordings.

The majority of the stutter IS absent, or less noticeable, when I try and capture with the normal NVENC setting in Action, but because I'm trying to capture HDR that doesn't exactly suit. NVENC HEVC and NVENC HDR10 both exhibit this issue for me.

Lowering capture resolution and quality in Action does decrease the amount of screen judder. This also happens when I try streaming to YouTube, not just with local recordings. Local recordings going to HDD, SSD or my NVMe drive also don't seem to affect the problem.

Going back through versions of Action through 4.14.0 don't make a difference either.

Capturing HDR gameplay on games on the PC itself works as intended, smooth as butter. It's specifically capturing from the capture card through Action that is the issue.

I'm using an i7 8700k, RTX 2080Ti with 16GB of RAM.

I've uploaded two clips to both YouTube and OneDrive, aiming for similar-ish gameplay moments. One is captured through the Elgato Software, the other through Action, where any judders are minimal on the Elgato capture vs Action. The last camera spin on the Action video probably is the most easily noticeable spot for the problem, but it's there in every video I have from the card through Action.

YouTube Action Footage:

YouTube Elgato Footage:

OneDrive link to both files in case YouTube doesn't process the videos quick enough:
https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao2TIc9RKrE1hcE2534 ... w?e=fHFdhw

Thank you in advance for any help with my issue,


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