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Remote PC Gaming

Forget about lags, say welcome to stunning 4K quality

Our cutting-edge engine brings remote control user experience to a whole new level. Control your Windows desktop, show presentations and access files from your personal computer with your Android mobile device or from another PC computer. All in lag-less performance and up to 4K quality.

Remotely play all of your PC games on android devices or another computer!

1. Remotely play all of your PC games on android devices or another computer!

Stunning HD quality up to 1080p and 60fps and with ultra-low battery usage are one of the main features of using Monflo for gaming purposes. Try the best Remote Control software for Windows and see the smooth the remote playing can be!

The fastest remote control software for Android and Windows.

2. The fastest remote control software for Android and Windows.

The ultimate Monflo's performance guarantees as lag-free as it can possibly real-time remote control over your PC computer! Use Monflo for free and play your PC games, watch videos and control Windows applications. You will not be disappointed.

Easy to use user interface.

3. Easy to use user interface.

Monflo provides the easiest remote access on the market! You just have to choose the computer you want to remote to from the list on device! Monflo's easy and intuitive user interface won't let you get lost at any point of using our software.

Perfect HD remote gaming.

4. Perfect HD remote gaming.

Monflo provides the best performance, quality and user experience of PC remote gaming software. Enjoy your PC games and applications in smooth HD quality, both on your Android devices and Windows PCs!

Customizable game controls.

5. Customizable game controls.

Monflo's game control manager allows to create and copy layouts and fully personalize your game controls. Import and export options allows you to send your favourite control layouts across all of your Android devices. Now you can comfortably play your favourite PC game on your smartphone or tablet!

Remote gaming that supports gamepads.

6. Remote gaming that supports gamepads.

Monflo allows you to connect your gamepad to Android mobile device. Just take your favourite gamepad and change your mobile device into full-blown gaming console. Make your mobile gaming easy, fast and comfortable!

Stylish and user-friendly interface.

7. Stylish and user-friendly interface.

Monflo's sleek and user-friendly interface makes the use as easy as it can possibly be. By adding ultra-fast and easy setup you get the perfect remote control software. Innumerable customization option will make Monflo truly yours.

Low resources use combined with high performance.

8. Low resources use combined with high performance.

Monflo's very low CPU and GPU usage and the ultra-high performance in HD is a result of using our cutting-edge technology that uses Mirillis' multicore optimized application engine. We deliver ultimate quality.

Play with your friends.

9. Play with your friends.

Monflo allows you to invite your friends. Let them access your PC computer and play the games that are installed on it. All they have to do is to install Monflo's client application. Your task is to create an invitation for the chosen users. Enjoy!

Customize your menu on Android device.

10. Customize your menu on Android device.

Gain faster access to your favourite games and applications by the customized lists. No more searching for the applications you want to use all over your Windows computer. Save your time and get easy access to every application that you often use.

Secure and fast connection.

11. Secure and fast connection.

Monflo gives you full control over the client Android devices and is totally secure. To avoid connections of unauthorized devices you can require additional authorization of every new device which is trying to access your server PC or set a password.