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Action! Screen Recorder for Blogging and Streaming

Action! Screen Recorder is an excellent screen capture tool for vloggers, editors and reviewers who create their own video content to publish on various websites or YouTube.

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Picture visualizing how to add your own logo overlay to video recording

Add your own logo

Brand your reviews or vlog posts with your custom watermark – protect your intellectual property and advertise your brand throughout the Internet. Each time someone will share your video your personal brand’s name will be seen!

Picture of audio track

Add your voice comments

Mirillis Action! Screen Recording Software allows to record additional live audio commentary during your streaming, making the creation of reviews, tutorials and game walk-through videos as easy as it possibly can be. Microphone settings provide full control over microphone input volume and mixing level with system sounds. It is a must-have feature for everyone who records videos!

Picture of mouse click visualizations

Add mouse clicks visualizations

Make your mouse cursor and clicks more visible thanks to the visualizations of clicks. This feature will let your audience track your every move, what will make easier to follow your instructions in the tutorials or webinars that you will create.

Screen view of how to add webcam overlay to video recording

Add video from up to 2 webcams

With the most advanced screen recording software you can add video from up to 2 webcams to all your recordings. With Action! webcam recording is easy, just select your webcam, set webcam video position and size and start recording! Put an end to boring reviews and show yourself to your audience.

Picture of a laptop

Create entertaining videos for your subscribers Create reviews

It doesn’t matter what type of vlog you are running, everyone like reviews, and for every subject you can find thing to review. Subscribers of gaming vlog likes hardware and game reviews. For a female fans of make-up create a review of cosmetic products. The possibilities are infinite – your imagination is your only restriction! If you are out of ideas, ask your subscribers what they would like to see reviewed. Action! Screen Recorder is the only tool you will ever need for reviews.

Woman with a laptop displaying a screen view of FAQ

Create videos answering FAQs

FAQ videos are more and more popular. Users are more likely to watch a video with step-by-step explanation solving a problem than to read pages of documentation. Create videos on FAQs to transparently explain how to deal with most common issues.