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Create videos for your every presentation

Picture of video presentation

Put an end to standard, static presentations.

Create and share your presentation with added videos, let the content be more interesting.

Make your presentation more interesting by introducing videos.

Use the videos you have created as a background in your presentation to attract your audience.

Pack more information in shorter form.

How-to and tutorial videos say more than words. Find easier way to describe what do you mean with Mirillis Action!

Picture of a selected application window

Create videos by recording the content from your web browser or from your desktop – including LIVE streams.

You can record and share everything you see on you PC’s screen. Using Region Recording you can easily create a video of only a part of your screen, very useful when recording webinars or presentations. Record with LIVE webinars with sound or add your own voice commentary to your video to better describe and discuss your recording’s subject!