Action! Update history

Follow the process of development of your favourite screen recorder.

We care about our customers. To keep up with fast-changing market of computer hardware Action! needs to be constantly upgraded. To make a life of our users simpler we develop and add new features.

See the history of Action! and check where the recording have started.


Action! 2.8.1

  • Important fix for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 desktop/screen recording

Action! 2.8.0


Action! 2.7.4

  • Fixed fullscreen desktop recording after recording downscaled desktop region
  • Added scrollable hotkeys settings

Action! 2.7.3

  • NEW FEATURE: Microphone volume indicator on HUD (during recording)
  • Improved Hauppauge device detection

Action! 2.7.2

  • Improved microphone/system sound volume balance (added possibility to set both microphone and system sound level to 100%)
  • Added automatic volume normalization to minimize loud sound distortions when mixing microphone/system sound to one audio track
  • Fixed microphone volume when recording microphone to separate audio track
  • Removed system microphone volume setting (hardware volume must be set using operating system settings)
  • Fixed crash when recording specific desktop region size with upscaling
  • Fixed installer for Intel RealSense version

Action! 2.7.1

  • IMPORTANT: Fixed HUD hiding and hide HUD on Action! startup on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (corrupted desktop was visible)
  • Added possibility to assign -,+,[,],\,:,' as hotkeys
  • Improved support for Avermedia C835 and C875 capture cards (supports both StreamEngine and Raw MPEG-2 capture)

Action! 2.7.0

  • NEW: Added HUD opacity setting (available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Desktop, D3D9, D3D10, D3D11, D3D12 and OpenGL)
  • NEW: Added support for Hauppauge PVR devices
  • Improved not recording visible HUD in desktop mode for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (visible on screen but not recorded)
  • Improved 10bit-per-pixel desktop recording (automatic detection of 30bit color desktop for NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro GPUs)
  • Support/automatic detection for setups with both 10bit-per-pixel and 8bit-per-pixel monitors connected
  • Fixed sRGB video recording with multi-sampling enabled (D3D10/D3D11)
  • Fixed all major problems with OpenGL recording on AMD GPUs
  • Fixed recording performance for some OpenGL games
  • Fixed crashing when recording old OpenGL games
  • Fixed support for recording sRGB OpenGL applications
  • Fixed out of memory crash when recording/streaming 32bit games and applications that use lots of memory
  • Improved recording performance of Direct3D 9 games/applications (up to 25% performance increase)
  • Fixed problems with HUD hide/position change and screenshot hotkey detection
  • Fixed Farming Simulator 17 game recording
  • Overall performance improvements

Action! 2.6.2

  • Fixed desktop detection after returning from standby/suspend state
  • Fixed desktop detection after returning from login state

Action! 2.6.1

  • Fixed support for Windows 10 virtual desktop scaling
  • Fixed recovery of desktops after exiting fullscreen exclusive mode games/applications
  • Multi-display stability fixes
  • Fixed support for some OpenGL games/applications
  • Fixed description setting for YouTube live-streaming

Action! 2.6.0

  • Facebook login credentials are now valid for 30-60 days
  • Improved mouse cursor synchronization in desktop recordings
  • Improved recording performance
  • Fixed recording of some OpenGL games/applications
  • Fixed Audio Input/Output device selection on startup when device has beed removed from system
  • Livestreaming logon credentials are not checked when livestraming is disabled
  • Fixed region recording on systems with multi-DPI display configuration

Action! 2.5.5

  • Application stability improvements

Action! 2.5.4

  • Application stability fixed when running Action! in offline mode

Action! 2.5.3

  • 4K live streaming - added possibility to live stream videos up to 4K resolution using Original video size option
  • Stability improvements

Action! 2.5.2

  • Added RTP/UDP/IGMP streaming (via custom URL address)
  • Fixed custom RTMP streaming
  • Fixed streaming to
  • Fixed cancelling of Time-Shift recordings
  • Installer improvements
  • GUI improvements

Action! 2.5.1

  • Added support for Smashcast LIVE Streaming service
  • Important improvements for video recording with AMD APP acceleration
  • GUI improvements
  • Stability improvements

Action! 2.5.0

  • Added 150% GUI size for displays larger than 2560x1440
  • Added 150% HUD size for displays larger than 2560x1440
  • Added information about GPU used for active screen/application rendering
  • Added 4K/UHD MP4 recording on AMD GPUs
  • Added 4K/UHD hardware accelerated video exporting on AMD GPUs
  • Added ability to set title of YouTube/Facebook/Twitch live streams
  • Fixed 8K x 8K virtual screens screenshots
  • Fixed recording of windowed games/applications (multiple application switching)
  • Fixed HUD rendering when more then 1 GPU outputs video
  • Addded Start/stop LIVE streaming button for region mode
  • GUI improvements
  • Stability improvements

Action! 2.4.1

  • Improvements for Windows 10 Creators Update running on systems with Nvidia GPU
  • Fixed Action! stability in device recording mode when device is disconnected

Action! 2.4.0

  • Added support for Elgato capturing devices
  • Fixed multiple window recording/switching
  • Added possibility to start recording in game mode using both hotkey or start button
  • Windows 10 Creators Update fixes (multiple display support, text rendering)
  • GUI fixes

Action! 2.3.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Webcam/HDMI capture device recording mode (allows recording of game consoles with HDMI capture device connected)
  • Fixed webcam recording in AVI without mouse cursor recording turned on
  • HUD displays actual framerate during recording (current vsync per second, average fps shows recording framerate)
  • Improved webcam recording with alpha channel (Intel RealSense and chroma key)
  • Action! restart is no longer needed to switch webcam capturing resolution
  • Selected application (private recording) mode has been moved to Active Screen recording mode as an option
  • New improved Action! Player

Action! 2.2.1

  • Fixed Action! startup without any audio input devices present
  • Fixed AVI recording on systems with 16+ core processors
  • Important change: video recordings are not stopped when using Alt-Tab in Games and applications recording mode
  • New: Added tutorials showing basic Action! features
  • Minor GUI changes: changed hardware acceleration selection for recording/streaming

Action! 2.2.0

  • Fixed livestreaming disconnection when broadcasting on systems with AMD GPU
  • Improved livestreaming constant bitrate output
  • Added 2 input devices recording (ex. 2 microphones at the same time)
  • Added mono system sound recording
  • Fixed Action! startup when livestreaming login credentials have expired
  • New engine for selected window recording (private window recording - not showing other windows to viewers)
  • New method of showing information about updates
  • Stability fixes

Action! 2.1.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Full live streaming/login API integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox
  • NEW FEATURE: Real-time live streaming viewers counter statistics displayed on HUD
  • Live streaming start button added
  • Live streaming privacy selection for Facebook and YouTube
  • Recording performance fixed on specific Win10 systems
  • Fixed Facebook video uploading
  • Fixed Action! startup with Elgato device installed
  • Fixed Action! AVI recording when very large cursors are visible (ex. Photoshop)
  • Fixed OpenGL recording (Intel GPU ex. Minecraft)
  • Fixed OpenGL recording (Exanima game)
  • Stability fixes
  • GUI improvements

Action! 2.0.7

  • Reverted possibility to assign CTRL for Start/Stop video recording
  • Fixed Live Streaming Auto-reconnect function
  • Added option to assign custom hotkey to Start/Stop Live Streaming

Action! 2.0.6

  • Application stability improvements
  • Application installer improvements

Action! 2.0.5

  • Important: DirectX 12 games recording performance improved
  • Ultra video quality preset added (Video settings) for ultra quality, high bitrate MP4 video recordings
  • Stability improvements (memory leaks fixed)

Action! 2.0.4

  • Fixed Battlefield 1 DirectX 12 gameplay recording
  • Updated Twitch servers list
  • Application installer improvements

Action! 2.0.2

  • Application stability improvements
  • Application installer improvements

Action! 2.0.1

  • Fixed Battlefield 1 DirectX 12 gameplay recording
  • Fixed DirectX 11/12 games and applications recording in windowed mode
  • Fixed Action! startup problem with Avermedia capture hardware/software installed
  • Improved graphics overlay alpha blending quality

Action! 2.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Chroma Key option added for webcams recording and LIVE streaming
  • NEW FEATURE: LIVE Streaming to Facebook
  • NEW FEATURE: Selected application recording mode added to record video from selected application only
  • NEW FEATURE: Option to show free disk space on Action! HUD
  • NEW FEATURE: "Do not record HUD during desktop recording" option added
  • NEW FEATURE: Microphone off delay added for microphone recording on button down
  • New, modern user interface with redesigned settings categories
  • Improved webcam preview
  • Refreshed Export window with new, redesigned output profiles
  • Fixed video uploading to Facebook
  • Assigned a separate hotkey for Live streaming
  • Fixed mouse problem experienced during RUST game recording
  • Windows Logon screen and UAC screens recording performance improvements for Windows 8.1 or newer on Admin user
  • Fixed fullscreen and region Windows desktop recording with upscalling (on Windows 7 without Aero and on 8.1/10 on onon-admin user)
  • Fixed YouTube fullscreen video recording on Windows 10 with AMD graphics cards
  • Webcam recording stability improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • User interface improvements
  • Action! installer improvements
  • Perfect Video Match mode has been removed
  • Remote Action! functionality has been removed. Remote PC access and gaming is now available as a separate product - Monflo. Download Monflo for free at:
  • Simply download the latest Action! 2.x.x installer and install it on your PC! To activate Action! 2.0 use your current serial number (activation key) from version 1.x.x.

Action! 1.31.5

  • 4k Windows desktop video recording stability improvements (for recording 4k Windows Logon screen, 4k Windows screen without Windows Aero, 4k Windows screen on normal (non-admin) Windows user)
  • User interface improvements

Action! 1.31.4

  • Important fix for Windows 10 desktop recording with the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed.
  • Important fix for exporting/uploading to YouTube (Fixed problem with message reporting old/unsupported browser)

Action! 1.31.3

  • Fixed Action! HUD visibility for DOOM game

Action! 1.31.2

  • Stability fix for closing webcam preview window

Action! 1.31.1

  • Fixed application start on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards.

Action! 1.31.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Hardware accelerated HEVC/H.265 video recording support added for NVIDIA graphics cards (minimum GTX 900 series and driver R358 or above are required)
  • NEW FEATURE: AVI recordings hardware accelerated export to MP4 (HEVC/H.265) added for NVIDIA graphics cards (minimum GTX 900 series and driver R358 or above are required)
  • 4k AVI recordings export improvements
  • Fixed problem with Intel Quick Sync Video accelerated export stucking at 0%
  • User interface improvements
  • Stability improvements