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Action! is a perfect screen recorder, it is compact, clean, fast and easy to use. It can become an essential tool for every Marketing and Sales specialist. Discover and fully use the potential of videos in marketing and sales.

Screen of video presentation

Creating professional video presentations

Videos in marketing are estimated to account for 69% of customer’s traffic, by 2017. Step into the future with Mirillis Action now! Record promotional videos for your business, create presentations of your products – do not wait for the competition to outrun you!

Recording business video conferences

Create videos from every video conference you are part of so you can later revise anything that has been said during the conference time. Do not let any ideas and information to slip through your fingers. With Mirillis Action! you can record every application used for video conferences in any mode you want - full screen or just the part of your screen with the application window in it.

Picture of a man taking part in a video conference

Screenshot of product presentation

Creating on-line presentations of the products

Use Action’s! streaming mode to create live products or services presentations. Attract your customers by showing them various methods how to use your software (such presentations are a must-have for SaaS services) or unique features of your products.

Add your company logo to recorded videos

Include your business logo, name, or any other watermark in every of your videos.

Picture of a monitor displaying a company logo

Screenshot of some statistics with audio track overlay

Add your voice comments

Make your videos unique by adding voice commentary promoting your products or services.