Screen recording softwareCustomer

Document and share any issues
with your computer and software

Exmple of error message on a screen

Record a short videos showing the problem you experience with your PC or applications

Screenshot visualizing a problem occuring on the desktop

Take screenshots showing problems with your computer

With Action! Screen Recoding Software you save yours and technical support rep’s time by creating videos or taking screenshots of the problems that you experience and get help on the problem you have encountered faster and more efficiently. On a video recording you can clearly show what have happened on your PC’s screen and what steps have been taken before the bug appeared or the application have crashed. It’s much easier than describing the problem to technical support.

Repurposing of screen recordings

Use one video for many things

If your customer sends you a video with a bug that you have already have found a solution for, send him a ready solution in video form that have been made earlier or publish a post with it in a FAQ area and just send links. Make your work easier!