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Mirillis Action! Tutorials: LIVE Streaming

Live streaming gameplay to YouTube

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Action! LIVE Streaming allows to stream all your gameplays or desktop activites online. Play games and share your gameplay with viewers from all over the world with YouTube service.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to stream gameplay to YouTube.

Please note that currently your YouTube channel must have minimum 1000 subscribers to activate YouTube Live.

Action! LIVE Streaming

Run Action! and select "Action! LIVE Streaming" tab.

Mirillis Action! - LIVE Streaming

Action! LIVE subscriptions

With trial version you can test Live Streaming functionality for free, but Action! watermark will be added to all streamed videos. Watermark will be removed after activating Action! with serial number. Active Action! Live subscription is required to live stream videos with activated version of Action!.

You can check your subscription status in Action! Live Streaming tab.

Mirillis Action! - Subscriptions information

Mirillis Action! - Subscriptions information

If your “Remanining subscription time” is 0 then live streaming is not available and Action! Live subscription purchase is required.

You can buy Action! LIVE subscriptions at Mirillis online store:

Mirillis Action! - Subscriptions information

Enable Action! LIVE Streaming

You can enable Action! LIVE Streaming if you have active subscription or use Action! trial version. To enable streaming option select streaming settings tab.

Mirillis Action! - LIVE Streaming settings

Select "Enable Action! LIVE Streaming" option.

Mirillis Action! - Enable LIVE Streaming

Create your YouTube Live Event

Open YouTube, Sign in and open Video Manager. In Video Manager menu select "Live Events".

Mirillis Action! - YouTube live streaming

Click "Create live event" button.

Mirillis Action! - YouTube live streaming

Fill in basic info like Title, setup Privacy and set start and end time for your live event.
Click Create event

On Ingestion Settings page set your Basic ingestion and then select Other encoders from Select your encoder settings. Please check Stream Name and Primary Server URL as this information will be used to set Action! Broadcasting settings.

Mirillis Action! - YouTube live streaming

LIVE Streaming settings

Set video size, framerate and bitrate settings to match your YouTube Basic ingestion settings.

Mirillis Action! - Streaming settings

Please note that HD resolutions are available only with Intel Quick Sync VIdeo acceleration. To read more about Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration please read following tutorials:

Please remember that you must adjust your settings to your internet connection upload speed. If you experience any performance problems please reduce video size and/or framerate/bitrate and try again.

Broadcast settings

To stream gameplay to YouTube please see Broadcast Settings group and select YouTube from "Streaming service" dropdown. Open your YouTube Ingestion Settings page and copy Primary Server URL to Server / URL field and Stream Name to Streamkey.

Mirillis Action! - Broadcast Settings

Set Games and Applications recording mode

Switch Action! recording mode to "Games and Applications".

Mirillis Action! - Games&Applications recording mode

Setup your YouTube live event for streaming

Run your game in windowed mode. Action! HUD should appear in the top right (default position) corner of your game displaying current game framerate in blue color. This means that game is active, Action! is connected and ready to start gameplay streaming.

Press F9 hotkey to start gameplay streaming to YouTube. HUD status displays "LIVE" icon showing that gameplay streaming is in progress. We are not streaming publicly yet, this is test streaming for setup purposes only.

Mirillis Action! - Streaming gameplay to YouTube

Please note that you must run game in windowed mode when using only 1 PC to setup streaming with YouTube Live. When game is running and Action! streaming is in progress it is required to open web browser and finish YouTube event setup. When you run game in fullscreen and open web browser Action! streaming will be stopped and YouTube event setup cannot be continued.

When Action! streaming is in progress open YouTube web page and go to Live Control Room.

Mirillis Action! - Live Control Room

You should see GOOD STREAM STATUS:

Mirillis Action! - Live Control Room Stream Status

Click PREVIEW button. YouTube will check your stream and after a while Start Streaming button will be available. Press Start Streaming to go Live!

Mirillis Action! - Start Streaming

Start streaming to YouTube

Now you can run your game in fullscreen mode. Press F9 hotkey to start gameplay streaming to YouTube. HUD status displays "LIVE" icon showing that gameplay streaming is in progress.

Mirillis Action! - Streaming gameplay to YouTube

If you want to check your broadcast online or share a link click View on Watch Page button in Live Control Room.

Mirillis Action! - Watch broadcast

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