Facebook live streaming

Facebook Live Streaming after 1st May 2019

May 9, 2019 Category: , Leave your thoughts

Do you know that live streaming is awesome? Well… Facebook knows that too, that is why in April 2016 Facebook introduced a totally new and really cool feature called Facebook Live. Simply put, Facebook Live allows users to broadcast a real-time video from mobile devices or computer’s camera directly to their Facebook personal profile or company page News Feed. Since that time, we have witnessed a true explosion of new...

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How to record and stream Apex Legends with no problems | 2019

February 19, 2019 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Do you want to record or stream Apex Legends with no problems? We have a solution for you. Action! game recorder and streaming software is currently the only gameplay recorder that enables you to capture and broadcast your Apex Legends gameplay in a hassle-free way. So, if you want to be one of the few top gamers who record and stream Apex Legends gameplay in outstanding quality to YouTube, Facebook...

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MP4 recording recovery

How to recover corrupted MP4 recording

January 6, 2019 Category: , Leave your thoughts

” Yesterday when I was recording the second hour of my video gameplay it was stopped by a sudden system crash. My PC turned off in the middle of the recording and I didn’t save the file. Now I wonder if there is a magic way to get it back? How can I recover this corrupted MP4 file? Any help is greatly appreciated.” If you already know this scenario and...

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How to view Chat Ingame on one Monitor | Fast & Easy Way! Tutorial 2019

December 3, 2018 Category: , , Leave your thoughts

Are you the type of a gamer who likes to read chat while playing? That’s good because reading and replying to your viewers’ comments is essential to create an amazing streaming experience for your audience. Do you feel tired or disturbed by looking at your chat window on another monitor? Or maybe you are just thinking of buying an additional display? Wait! Save your money because we have a solution for you! From...

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Action! screen recorder


October 13, 2018 Category: 4 Comments

Hello, Guys! Today we chose five people, who will receive an Action! life-time commercial license. The competitors were asked to answer a question: What do you plan to record with Mirillis Action! screen recorder? We read all your entries, and as always it was really hard to decide who will receive the license. After a long discussion, we decided to give the keys to: Bennie Holloway Hristo Paul Piotr N. Prabhath Kaushalya Tarek...

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Action! screen recorder


October 9, 2018 Category: 13 Comments

We have recently reached 25,000 likes on our Facebook Fan page, and want to thank you for your big support! We really appreciate it and want to give you away 5 keys with single, life-time commercial license. In order to win, you need to answer this question: What do you plan to record with Mirillis Action! screen recorder? The best answers will receive a prize! Your comments will be sent to...

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14 great ideas of what you can do with Action! Screen Recorder

August 22, 2018 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Nowadays it’s probably very hard to imagine a life without a screen recording software. We use screen recorders to capture any area of the screen either as a video file or screenshots. We record screencasts and tutorials, capture webcams or record PC games. But did you know that your screen recorder can do probably much more? Honestly speaking, everything depends on your needs and… imagination! That’s why in this article,...

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YouTube or Vimeo? Which should you choose in 2018?

June 14, 2018 Category: , , 1 Comment

While browsing forums or more generally Internet, you may find lots of questions and statements regarding the superiority of YouTube over Vimeo (and vice versa!) and their use in the company’s promotional activities. Those discussions are usually endless, and the supporters of both sides keep providing stronger arguments to tip the scales of victory in their favor. Seeing how often people debate on this topic, it would only be wise...

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How to earn money on YouTube without Ads?

June 13, 2018 Category: , Leave your thoughts

YouTube has a long history of changes when it comes to earning money/starting a professional career as a content creator. In the beginning, becoming a YouTube partner has been extremely difficult. Even the most popular YouTubers had huge problems becoming a partner, probably because YouTube itself didn’t have any specified requirements to join the team as a partner. Later on, due to liberalization, lots of people could start earning money...

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How much money you can earn from ads on YouTube?

June 11, 2018 Category: , Leave your thoughts

Content creation always seemed like a fun and ambitious thing to do. The huge problem is that it has become increasingly more difficult to earn revenue from putting lots of hours into making videos on YouTube. Not only do you need to put lots of effort into boosting your popularity, due to requirements that YouTube imposes on new content creators, but also you have to be wary of what kind...

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