Terms and conditions of sale

Last updated: 29/01/2015

Please read this Terms and conditions of sale carefully before purchasing Mirillis products. These terms and conditions of sale apply to all offers, sales and purchases of products on this website.


Terms - this terms and conditions of sale

Mirillis - Mirillis Ltd., ul. Fabryczna 14b/1, 65-410 Zielona Góra, Poland. NIP: 973-097-55-52, REGON: 080432823, Captial: 30000pln, KRS: 0000356397 - Sąd Rejonowy w Zielonej Górze, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego

Reseller - official partner of Mirillis Ltd. responsible for processing payments and product delivery

General conditions

1.1 All software products are licensed not sold.

1.2 You acknowledge that you have read specified product End User License Agreement and you accept terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this End User License Agreement you must remove specified Mirillis product files from your storage devices, cease to use the product and discontinue purchase.

1.3 Purchasing Mirillis product signifies acceptance of these Terms. If you do not agree with these Terms you must discontinue purchase.

1.4 You acknowledge that you have a valid e-mail address that will be used for purchase transaction and product serial number delivery.

1.5 Purchasing Mirillis product signifies acceptance of receiving electronic invoice. Please see paragraph 3.5 for more information about electronic invoices.

1.6 All products licensed to you under Terms may be subject to export laws/regulations in your country/region. You will be responsible for complying with those laws and you will not do anything to breach them.

1.7 All refund terms and conditions are specified in the Returns policy

1.8 Additional terms may apply for volume licensing. If you are interested in volume licensing please contact us at: volume@mirillis.com


2.1 All prices and discounts on this website are subject to availability and do not constitute an offer. It may be withdrawn or revised at any time prior to Avangate/PayPal/BlueSnap/Plimus payment acceptance page.

2.2 Payment for the products is processed by Avangate, PayPal and/or Plimus/BlueSnap.


3.1 When payment transaction is accepted Mirillis or Reseller will send purchase confirmation e-mail with product serial number and product download information. The purchase confirmation e-mail will be sent on your e-mail address used during payment process.

3.2 You must keep this purchase confirmation e-mail for your records, as it contains important information required to obtain technical/customer support and software upgrade offers.

3.3 If you do not receive purchase confirmation e-mail with product serial number within few hours from payment transaction, please contact us at: sales@mirillis.com

3.4 Invoices for all purchases made via Avangate/Plimus/BlueSnap/Steam should be delivered by Reseller. Mirillis will not provide invoices for purchases made via Reseller.

3.5 Mirillis provides electronic invoices for purchases made via PayPal made within Mirillis website. Electronic invoice will be sent on your request. Request the invoice after the purchase using Invoice request form link in purchase confirmation e-mail.. Electronic invoice will be delivered in 15 days after the end of the month in which license was purchased.


4.1 You are responsible to keep your product serial number (sent by Mirillis in purchase confirmation e-mail) safe. Making product serial number publicly available may result in no access for software upgrades offers, no access for customer/technical support and invalidating your product serial number.

Privacy Policy

5.1 You acknowledge that you have read and you accept our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept Privacy Policy you must discontinue purchase.

Returns policy

6.1 You should use the trial version of the Software to evaluate Software before the purchase. For refund please contact us within 30 days from purchase date at: sales@mirillis.com providing information about refund request, reason of the refund request and information required to identify the transaction i.e.: transaction ID and product serial number (this information is available in purchase confrimation e-mail)

Each return (refund) request will be considered individually within 14 days. Refund requests will be accepted only in reasonable cases.

6.2 The maximum refund cannot exceed the price paid.

6.3 After refund request is accepted by Mirillis all refund processing is done by PayPal or Reseller.

Support and product updates

7.1 A valid product serial number may be required to obtain technical support. Technical support is delivered online by e-mail.

7.2 Technical support is provided in following languages: english, polish.

7.3 Selected support services may require to purchase additional service options. Action! serial number reminding and downloading old Action! installation versions require to purchase additional Extended services option. Please see Extended Services section.

7.4 After product purchase you are entitled to a free updates within purchased product version. In example after purchase of Splash PRO (version 1.x.x) you are entitled to free updates to Splash PRO 1.x.x versions. Upgrades to next product versions (in example from Splash PRO 1.x.x to Splash PRO 2.x.x version) or other product versions (in example from Splash PRO to Splash PRO EX) are not free.

Extended Services for Action! product

8.1 Extended download service: Action! license purchase with extended services option entitles to 2-year extended download service. We will keep a backup copy of the current version of the product you purchased,and will provide you a link to download it on your request. Downloading specific product versions including technical problems considered as serious or critical may be unavailable. In such case download of next or previous version will be provided. Mirillis will reject extended download service request in case when it is impossible to identify user and users transaction.

8.2 Serial number reminding service: Action! license purchase with extended services option entitles to receive serial number reminding service.We will resend you your product serial number on your request. To resend serial number information Mirillis requires user to provide information that will allow to identify users transaction. Mirillis will reject serial number reminding request in case when it is impossible to identify user and users transaction.

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