NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for H.265/HEVC gameplay recording

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NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for H.265/HEVC gameplay recording

H.265/HEVC gameplay recording to MP4 format with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration is available starting from Action! 1.31.0. Using H.265/HEVC with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration allows to record high quality, low bitrate, smooth gameplays producing smaller gameplay recording files compared to H.264/AVC.

Please check NVIDIA NVENC system requirements below to see if your PC is ready to use NVIDIA NVENC accelerated H.265/HEVC encoding.

System Requirements for NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC acceleration

System requirements to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for gameplay and desktop recording:

  • Desktop PC: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 or higher
  • Laptop: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M or higher
  • NVIDIA GPU drover R358 or above
  • The latest Action! version

Setting NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC for gameplay recording

Setting Action! to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for H.265/HEVC gameplay recording is very easy. Start Action! and open Action! Video Recording tab. Find File format settings and select MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC HEVC). If you do not see MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC HEVC) on the File format list please make sure that you meet all NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC acceleration requirements.

NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC recording acceleration

H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings playback and uploading to YouTube

H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings playback with Action! player
All H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings can be played with an internal Action! player. Just double click a thumbnail with your H.265/HEVC gameplay recording to open Action! player and start playback of selected file.

H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings and YouTube
Currently YouTube does not support H.265/HEVC codec and YouTube will not process uploaded H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings. It is required to use 3rd party software (video editor or video converter) that supports H.265/HEVC video.

You can use Mirillis Splash video player and converter for exporting H.265/HEVC gameplay recording to H.264/AVC. Splash is available as a 30-day fully functional trial.