NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for games and desktop recording

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Introduction to NVIDIA NVENC acceleration

Windows desktop and gameplay recording to MP4 format with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration is available starting from Action! 1.20.0 published on 13/11/2014. Action! with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration allows to record high quality and smooth HD gameplays and Windows desktop videos with low HDD and CPU usage.

Please check NVIDIA NVENC system requirements below to see if your PC is ready to use NVIDIA NVENC accelerated H.264/AVC encoding.

System Requirements for NVIDIA NVENC acceleration

System requirements to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for gameplay and desktop recording:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX or Quadro card with NVIDIA NVENC support
  • The latest NVIDIA drivers installed
  • The latest Action! version

How to set Action! to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration

To set Action! to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for gameplay and Windows desktop recording please open Action! Video Recording tab. Find File format settings and select MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC). If you do not see MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC) on the File format list please make sure that you meet all NVIDIA NVENC acceleration requirements.

NVIDIA NVENC acceleration

For LIVE Streaming and Remote Action! functions Action! uses NVIDIA NVENC acceleration automatically if no other acceleration is detected on your PC. If your PC system provides more options for hardware acceleration recording (in example Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration) then you can set Action! to use NVIDIA NVENC by selecting MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC) file format in Video Recording tab.

What does Action! use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for?

Action! offers a lot of functionality that can utilize NVIDIA NVENC hardware acceleration. Below you can find a few key Action! features using NVIDIA NVENC acceleration.

Gameplay recording with NVIDIA NVENC
NVIDIA NVENC acceleration allows to record your gameplays in MP4 format in an awesome HD quality with 10 times smaller files comparing to recordings in AVI file format. To record gameplays with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration directly in MP4 (H.264/AVC) file format, start Action!, open Video Recording tab and select MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC) File format.

Windows desktop recording with NVIDIA NVENC
Windows desktop recording with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration allows to record smooth HD Windows desktop videos with very low CPU usage and creating small recording files. Using NVIDIA NVENC acceleration you can record all Windows desktop activity, all applications including Windows 8 Modern UI apps, all websites, all videos and more! To start desktop recording with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration use Active Screen or Region recording mode and select MP4 (NVIDIA NVENC) for file format.

NVIDIA NVENC for remote PC access with Android devices
Discover Remote Action! - the best remote PC access for Android devices with support for NVIDIA NVENC acceleration, offering remote PC control and all PC games on Android devices. With NVIDIA NVENC acceleration Remote Action! delivers stunning, sharp and smooth HD video quality from your PC to your Android mobile devices.

LIVE Streaming with NVIDIA NVENC
LIVE Stream Windows desktop, videos and gameplays in smooth HD quality with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration. Enjoy high quality video and low PC resources usage. LIVE Stream HD videos to popular services like YouTube, Twitch.tv, hitbox.tv and more!

Export recordings in AVI file format to MP4 with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration
With Action! you can record gameplays and Windows desktop in AVI or MP4 format. Action! includes export option for AVI recordings to export it to MP4 format with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration. To export AVI recordings with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration please check Action! Export settings and make sure to enable Use hardware acceleration for video encoding option with NVIDIA NVENC selected.