How to add webcam to Windows desktop recordings with Mirillis Action!

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With this tutorial you will learn how to setup Action! Webcam Settings to add webcam video to your real-time Windows desktop recording.

Please remember that webcam recording may put additional impact on dekstop recording performance. Disable webcam recording option if you experience any performance problems during Windows screen recording with webcam recording enabled.

Open Webcam Settings

To setup webcam recording please open Action! Webcam Settings.

Mirillis Action! - Webcam settings

Enable webcam recording

Make sure that Recording mode is set to Always record or Record on button down list.

Mirillis Action! - Select Webcam

Select webcam device to be added to desktop recording

Check Webcam option and select your webcam device from the Webcam list.

Mirillis Action! - Select Webcam

In Action! Webcam settings check webcam preview that shows what will be the webcam video position and size in your Windows desktop recordings.

Adjust webcam picture position and size

Use "Position" and "Video size" options to adjust webcam video size and position in your Windows desktop recordings. Check webcam preview screen to see how your webcam video will be placed in your final screen recordings.

Mirillis Action! - Adjust webcam settings

Make a Windows desktop recording and check the result

Make a test screen recording to check if you like current webcams settings.

Mirillis Action! - Gameplay recording

How to disable webcam recording

If you would like to disable webcam video in your gameplay recordings just disable Webcam option in main Video recording tab.

Mirillis Action! - Disable webcam recording