Setup Intel Quick Sync Video on Desktop PC with PCI-E graphics card

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IMPORTANT: For all latest PCs (with latest graphics drivers instlalled) the Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration should work out of the box. Please follow the tutorial below if you have an older PC or experience problems with enabling Quick Sync Video acceleration.

This tutorial shows how to setup Intel® Quick Sync Video on desktop PC without need to connect a monitor to Intel HD graphics card. The tutorial is designed for all desktop computers with Intel® processors supporting Intel® Quick Sync Video technology and with additional NVIDIA or AMD PCI-E graphics card installed.

Requirements to setup Intel Quick Sync Video on desktop PC with additional PCI-E graphics card:

  • Hardware supporting Intel Quick Sync Video Technology
  • Latest version of Action! and Intel graphics drivers

Why Intel Quick Sync Video technology is so cool?

  • Ultra fast raw AVI Action! recordings export to MP4 format with low CPU usage
  • Real-time HD video recording directly to MP4 format with low CPU usage

Please follow the steps below to setup your PC to make Intel Quick Sync Video technology available in Action!

Check your hardware specification

Check if your CPU model supports Intel Quick Sync Video technology. You can check your desktop processor model graphics specifications at Intel website:

Mirillis Action! - Intel Graphics Specifications

Enable Intel graphics card in BIOS

Check your PC BIOS User Manual or instructions to see how to enable Intel integrated graphics (iGPU). Enable Intel graphics and save BIOS changes.

Install the latest Intel graphics drivers

It is strongly recommended to install the latest Intel graphics drivers available for your Intel HD graphics card model. Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration may be not available or may work incorrectly with old graphics drivers.

Open Windows Screen Resolution settings

Click with mouse right button on the desktop to show menu and select Screen Resolution.

Mirillis Action! - Windows Screen Resolution settings

Detect inactive video outputs

Click Detect button to detect inactive video outputs.

Mirillis Action! - Detect inactive video outputs

Force display on Intel® HD Graphics output

Select detected display output for Intel® HD Graphics and select "Try to connect anyway on VGA" from Multiple displays" dropdown.

Mirillis Action! - Force display on Intel HD Graphics

Apply changes

Click Apply button before making any additional changes.

Mirillis Action! - Apply changes

Extend display

Select your main display and select "Extend these displays" from Multiple displays dropdown.

Mirillis Action! - Extend display

Apply and accept changes

Click Apply button and Keep changes.

Mirillis Action! - Apply and keep changes

Close Screen Resolution settings

Your displays setup should look similar like on the picture below. Click OK button to close Screen Resolution settings.

Mirillis Action! - Close Screen Resolution settings

Open Action! and select Intel Quick Sync acceleration

Run Action! Video capture tab and check Output file format and Hardware acceleration options. Select MP4 file format and Intel Quick Sync Video for hardware acceleration.

Mirillis Action! - File format settings