How to make screenshot on Windows

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Action! Allows you to take screenshots of your Windows desktop/screen easily and save them as BMP, PNG or JPEG images in specified output directory.

Action! provides two different methods of making screenshots on Windows:

  • making fullscreen Windows screenshots
  • making screenshots of selected Windows screen area

Making Screenshot on Windows using fullscreen method

To make a fullscreen screenshots please run Action! Application and minimize it. Now press the F12 hotkey to make a screenshot of your Windows screen.

Mirillis Action! - capture screenshots tab

Making Screenshots on Windows using Active Desktop Region / Area method

The active desktop region/area method is more suitable for taking screenshot on windows if you want to capture a specific area of your Windows desktop / screen. To make a screenshot of selectred Windows screen area open Action! Application, open Video capture/recording tab and select the Active Desktop Region/Area recording mode.

Mirillis Action! - selecting desktop region

This will show a new Action! Window with possibility to select a specified Windows screen area. You can adjust the active screenshot area using the mouse cursor and arrows on the keyboard.

Mirillis Action! - select desktop region

Once you have adjusted the active region to meet your requirements, press the “Capture Screenshots” button to make a screenshot of the selected Windows screen area.

Mirillis Action! - capture screenshot