NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for H.265/HEVC gameplay recording

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NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for H.265/HEVC gameplay recording

H.265/HEVC gameplay recording to MP4 format with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration is available starting from Action! 1.31.0. Using H.265/HEVC with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration allows to record high quality, low bitrate, smooth gameplays producing smaller gameplay recording files compared to H.264/AVC.

Please check NVIDIA NVENC system requirements below to see if your PC is ready to use NVIDIA NVENC accelerated H.265/HEVC encoding.

System Requirements for NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC acceleration

System requirements to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for gameplay and desktop recording:

  • Desktop PC: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 or higher
  • Laptop: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M or higher
  • NVIDIA GPU drover R358 or above
  • The latest Action! version

Setting NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC for gameplay recording

Setting Action! to use NVIDIA NVENC acceleration for H.265/HEVC gameplay recording is very easy. Start Action! and open Action! Video Capture/Recording tab. Find file format and hardware acceleration settings and select MP4 / NVIDIA NVENC HEVC. If you do not see NVIDIA NVENC HEVC on the hardware acceleration list please make sure that you meet all NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC acceleration requirements.

NVIDIA NVENC H.265/HEVC recording acceleration

H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings playback

H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings playback with Action! player
All H.265/HEVC gameplay recordings can be played with an internal Action! player. Just double click a thumbnail with your H.265/HEVC gameplay recording to open Action! player and start playback of selected file.