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Action! Version History

14/03/2017 Action! 2.3.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Webcam/HDMI capture device recording mode (allows recording of game consoles with HDMI capture device connected)
  • Fixed webcam recording in AVI without mouse cursor recording turned on
  • HUD displays actual framerate during recording (current vsync per second, average fps shows recording framerate)
  • Improved webcam recording with alpha channel (Intel RealSense and chroma key)
  • Action! restart is no longer needed to switch webcam capturing resolution
  • Selected application (private recording) mode has been moved to Active Screen recording mode as an option
  • New improved Action! Player
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15/02/2017 Action! 2.2.1

  • Fixed Action! startup without any audio input devices present
  • Fixed AVI recording on systems with 16+ core processors
  • Important change: video recordings are not stopped when using Alt-Tab in Games and applications recording mode
  • New: Added tutorials showing basic Action! features
  • Minor GUI changes: changed hardware acceleration selection for recording/streaming
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10/02/2017 Action! 2.2.0

  • Fixed livestreaming disconnection when broadcasting on systems with AMD GPU
  • Improved livestreaming constant bitrate output
  • Added 2 input devices recording (ex. 2 microphones at the same time)
  • Added mono system sound recording
  • Fixed Action! startup when livestreaming login credentials have expired
  • New engine for selected window recording (private window recording - not showing other windows to viewers)
  • New method of showing information about updates
  • Stability fixes
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17/01/2017 Action! 2.1.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Full live streaming/login API integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox
  • NEW FEATURE: Real-time live streaming viewers counter statistics displayed on HUD
  • Live streaming start button added
  • Live streaming privacy selection for Facebook and YouTube
  • Recording performance fixed on specific Win10 systems
  • Fixed Facebook video uploading
  • Fixed Action! startup with Elgato device installed
  • Fixed Action! AVI recording when very large cursors are visible (ex. Photoshop)
  • Fixed OpenGL recording (Intel GPU ex. Minecraft)
  • Fixed OpenGL recording (Exanima game)
  • Stability fixes
  • GUI improvements
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02/12/2016 Action! 2.0.7

  • Reverted possibility to assign CTRL for Start/Stop video recording
  • Fixed Live Streaming Auto-reconnect function
  • Added option to assign custom hotkey to Start/Stop Live Streaming
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01/12/2016 Action! 2.0.6

  • Application stability improvements
  • Application installer improvements
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23/11/2016 Action! 2.0.5

  • Important: DirectX 12 games recording performance improved
  • Ultra video quality preset added (Video settings) for ultra quality, high bitrate MP4 video recordings
  • Stability improvements (memory leaks fixed)
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18/11/2016 Action! 2.0.4

  • Fixed Battlefield 1 DirectX 12 gameplay recording
  • Updated Twitch servers list
  • Application installer improvements
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16/11/2016 Action! 2.0.2

  • Application stability improvements
  • Application installer improvements
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10/11/2016 Action! 2.0.1

  • Fixed Battlefield 1 DirectX 12 gameplay recording
  • Fixed DirectX 11/12 games and applications recording in windowed mode
  • Fixed Action! startup problem with Avermedia capture hardware/software installed
  • Improved graphics overlay alpha blending quality
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04/11/2016 Action! 2.0.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Chroma Key option added for webcams recording and LIVE streaming
  • NEW FEATURE: LIVE Streaming to Facebook
  • NEW FEATURE: Selected application recording mode added to record video from selected application only
  • NEW FEATURE: Option to show free disk space on Action! HUD
  • NEW FEATURE: "Do not record HUD during desktop recording" option added
  • NEW FEATURE: Microphone off delay added for microphone recording on button down
  • New, modern user interface with redesigned settings categories
  • Improved webcam preview
  • Refreshed Export window with new, redesigned output profiles
  • Fixed video uploading to Facebook
  • Assigned a separate hotkey for Live streaming
  • Fixed mouse problem experienced during RUST game recording
  • Windows Logon screen and UAC screens recording performance improvements for Windows 8.1 or newer on Admin user
  • Fixed fullscreen and region Windows desktop recording with upscalling (on Windows 7 without Aero and on 8.1/10 on onon-admin user)
  • Fixed YouTube fullscreen video recording on Windows 10 with AMD graphics cards
  • Webcam recording stability improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • User interface improvements
  • Action! installer improvements
  • Perfect Video Match mode has been removed
  • Remote Action! functionality has been removed. Remote PC access and gaming is now available as a separate product - Monflo. Download Monflo for free at:
  • Simply download the latest Action! 2.x.x installer and install it on your PC! To activate Action! 2.0 use your current serial number (activation key) from version 1.x.x.
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19/08/2016 Action! 1.31.5

  • 4k Windows desktop video recording stability improvements (for recording 4k Windows Logon screen, 4k Windows screen without Windows Aero, 4k Windows screen on normal (non-admin) Windows user)
  • User interface improvements
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04/08/2016 Action! 1.31.4

  • Important fix for Windows 10 desktop recording with the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed.
  • Important fix for exporting/uploading to YouTube (Fixed problem with message reporting old/unsupported browser)
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16/05/2016 Action! 1.31.3

  • Fixed Action! HUD visibility for DOOM game.
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14/05/2016 Action! 1.31.2

  • Stability fix for closing webcam preview window
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10/05/2016 Action! 1.31.1

  • Fixed application start on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards.
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09/05/2016 Action! 1.31.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Hardware accelerated HEVC/H.265 video recording support added for NVIDIA graphics cards (minimum GTX 900 series and driver R358 or above are required)
  • NEW FEATURE: AVI recordings hardware accelerated export to MP4 (HEVC/H.265) added for NVIDIA graphics cards (minimum GTX 900 series and driver R358 or above are required)
  • 4k AVI recordings export improvements
  • Fixed problem with Intel Quick Sync Video accelerated export stucking at 0%
  • User interface improvements
  • Stability improvements
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03/04/2016 Action! 1.30.3

  • Fixed video recording start problem with Time-shift option enabled
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02/04/2016 Action! 1.30.2

  • LIVE Streaming stability fixes
  • Auto reconnect improvements for LIVE Streaming
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30/03/2016 Action! 1.30.1

  • IMPORTANT: Recording stability fix for Intel Quick Sync accelerated video recordings
  • IMPORTANT: Audio - video synchronization improvements
  • LIVE Streaming stability fixes
  • Fixed webcam recording for LIVE Streaming with "Record streamed video to disk" option disabled
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27/01/2016 Action! 1.30.0

  • Remote Action! improvements
  • Fixed exporting to YouTube using normal (non-admin) Windows user account
  • Stability improvements
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21/10/2015 Action! 1.29.0

  • IMPORTANT: Remote Action! service is now free for all users
  • Fixed video recording on Normal (non-Admin) user account
  • Stability improvements
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17/10/2015 Action! 1.28.0

  • IMPORTANT fix for systems with NVIDIA Optimus technology on Windows 8.1/10 (with global setting preferred graphics processor set to high performance NVIDIA processor)
  • Improved support for Intel Quick Sync Video technology (requirement to connect or create a display for Intel graphics card is now obsolete for Windows 8/8.1 or higher)
  • Fixed OpenGL applications recording on systems with NVIDIA Optimus and Windows 10
  • Fixed Windows Logon screen recording for setups with hight DPI Windows settings (125% DPI or higher)
  • Improved quality of software recording in MP4 format
  • Stability improvements
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09/10/2015 Action! 1.27.2

  • Fixed problem with Action! startup on systems with NVIDIA Optimus Technology on Windows 8/8.1/10 (with Action! forced to run on NVIDIA gpu in NVIDIA control panel)
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05/10/2015 Action! 1.27.1

  • Webcam Capture resolution option added
  • Added options to set horizontal and vertical webcam position
  • Stability improvements
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28/09/2015 Action! 1.27.0

  • NEW FEATURE: DirectX 12 games and applications recording support added
  • IMPORTANT LIVE Streaming improvements
  • Windows 10 improvements
  • Fixed screenshot capture for 10bit games and applications
  • Stability improvements
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24/08/2015 Action! 1.26.1

  • Fixed LIVE Streaming with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration on Windows 10
  • Fixed NVENC support detection for Maxwell architecture
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19/08/2015 Action! 1.26.0

  • IMPORTANT: Fixed Windows 10 32bit support
  • Added possibility to run Action! without administrative privileges on non-Administrator user accounts and guest account
  • Improved performance of desktop recording on Windows 7 with Aero disabled
  • Fixed mouse cursor recording for Active desktop region recording mode
  • Stability fixes
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31/07/2015 Action! 1.25.6

  • Important improvements for Windows 10
  • Fixed problems with video recording using Active screen recording mode on Windows 10 (problems with switching from fullscreen games to desktop)
  • Fixed problems with audio and video recording on some systems with Razer Kraken 7.1 headphones
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17/07/2015 Action! 1.25.5

  • Fixed problems for systems with AMD graphics cards without AMD APP/VCE support and with latest Catalyst 15.7 drivers installed
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13/07/2015 Action! 1.25.4

  • Fixed problems for systems with AMD GPUs and latest Catalyst 15.7 drivers installed
  • Fixed recording with AMD APP acceleration on Windows 10
  • AMD APP accelerated video recording performance improvements
  • Stability fixes
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03/06/2015 Action! 1.25.3

  • Hardware accelerated 4k video recording and exporting added for Intel Broadwell CPUs
  • Fixed turning "Run Action! on Windows start" on/off
  • Remote Action!: Remote PC status display improvements
  • Remote Action!:Fixed maximum video resolution for mobile devices
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30/05/2015 Action! 1.25.2

  • Fixed Action! HUD rendering in some OpenGL games like Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Rage
  • Time-Shift recording improvements
  • Remote Action!: Support added for Windows 8/8.1/10 Multitouch (requires Remote Action! app ver. 1.3)
  • Remote Action!: Support added for virtual joystick (requires Remote Action! app ver. 1.3 and vJoy installed od PC).
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21/05/2015 Action! 1.25.1

  • Fixed Critical error 106" problem on Action! start with Windows User Account Control (UAC) disabled
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20/05/2015 Action! 1.25.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Time-Shift recording added for Games and applications recording mode
  • IMPORTANT LIVE Streaming connection process fixes
  • Fixed problem with error popup for recordings with NVENC after latest NVIDIA graphics drivers update
  • Remote Action!: fixed not working arrow keys in some games
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood recording fixed
  • Fixed Windows 10 build 10074 recording
  • Stability improvements
  • User interface improvements

01/04/2015 Action! 1.24.3

  • Support for MCE remote controls added (supported options: start recording, pause/resume recording, stop recording)
  • Remote Action! connection process improvements
  • Fixed problem with hotkeys for single CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys
  • Stability improvements
  • User interface improvements

23/03/2015 Action! 1.24.2

  • Fixed BattlEye protected games recording like Arma, Dayz etc.
  • Improved connection with specific games and applications

12/03/2015 Action! 1.24.1

  • NEW FEATURE: Free Action! RCU app for Android is now available. Monitor and control your recordings with your smartphone or tablet!
  • Reduced Action! memory usage
  • Maximum webcam recording size changed to 1280x720
  • Video recording performance improvements
  • Improved webcam recording
  • User interface improvements

25/02/2015 Action! 1.23.0

  • IMPORTANT: Windows 10 Technical Preview (b. 9926) desktop recording support added
  • Improved web and media players video recording quality
  • Fixed video recording with "Record system sounds" option disabled
  • Improved webcam recording

13/02/2015 Action! 1.22.1

  • Fixed problem with too short video recordings in AVI format
  • Fixed problem with audio drops in video recordings in AVI format
  • Fixed video scalling for software desktop region recording in MP4 format
  • Fixed microphone recording on button down (on/off) for audio only recordings
  • Video recording stability improvements

07/02/2015 Action! 1.22.0

  • IMPORTANT: LIVE Streaming service is now free for all users
  • NEW FEATURE: Adaptive/Variable framerate video recording
  • NEW FEATURE: Recorded webcams preview in Action! HUD added
  • Software MP4 video recording unlocked up to 4K resolution
  • Fixed audio/video synchronization for MP4 video recordings (fixed problems with speeding audio/video and other synchronization problems)
  • Fixed problem with too short video recordings in MP4 format
  • Fixed MP4 video recording stability
  • Fixed OpenGL games and applications recording stability
  • Improvements for webcam recording
  • User interface improvements (Remote Action! moved to a separate tab)
  • New webcam and microphone recording mode: On button down (ON/OFF)
  • Removed "Delete All Files" from recordings manager
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for recording manager (CTRL+A etc.)

21/01/2015 Action! 1.21.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Support for 4K/3K/2K video recording in MP4 format with NVIDIA NVENC and Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration
  • NEW FEATURE: Support for 30bit Windows desktop recording (requires 30bit compatible graphics card and display)
  • Improved exporting to YouTube with channels selection support
  • Added YouTube 4K exporting profile
  • Video recording performance improvements
  • Fixed LIVE Streaming audio-video synchronization
  • Improvements for Windows 8 desktop region recording
  • Improved Remote Action! connection process
  • Improvements for Remote Action! flash, Modern UI and window mode games control
  • Action! player fullscreen improvements for multi-display setups on Windows 8
  • MP4 video recording stability improvements

26/11/2014 Action! 1.20.2

  • Windows logon screen recording improvements
  • Improvements for Remote Action! functionality
  • Stability improvements

18/11/2014 Action! 1.20.1

  • Improved NVIDIA NVENC video encoding quality
  • Improved Remote Action! video quality on LTE/Wifi 2.4Ghz
  • Improved Remote Action! connection process

13/11/2014 Action! 1.20.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Remote Action! function added for remote PC access and playing PC games with Android devices!
  • NEW FEATURE: Support for NVIDIA NVENC acceleration added. Available for real-time MP4 recordings, for exporting AVI to MP4, for LIVE Streaming and Remote Action!
  • Improvements and fixes for MP4 desktop and gameplay recording
  • Added pause option for MP4 desktop and gameplay recordings
  • YouTube 60fps export support added
  • Added Windows desktop recording with Aero disabled
  • Improvements for games recording in 50p or lower framerates
  • Improved connecting to games starting with launcher windows
  • Video scalling added for DirectX8 and OpenGL applications and games recording in MP4 format
  • Run Action! on Windows start option added
  • Twitch LIVE streaming service ingests updated
  • hitbox service added for LIVE Streaming
  • The Elder Scrolls Online game recording fixed
  • Updated Aliez server for LIVE Streaming
  • Windows logon screen recording improvements
  • UAC popups recording improvements
  • Capture screenshots improvements for Active Screen recording mode
  • Stability fixes
  • User interface fixes and improvements

17/04/2014 Action! 1.19.2

  • Performance improvements
  • Stability fixes

25/03/2014 Action! 1.19.1

  • Fixed Logitech G13/G15/G19 support
  • Important stability fixes

19/03/2014 Action! 1.19.0

  • NEW FEATURE: 120 fps video recording in AVI file format
  • NEW FEATURE: Support for DirectX 8 games and applications recording
  • Stability improvements
  • User interface improvements

03/03/2014 Action! 1.18.0

  • NEW FEATURE: MP4 video recordings uploading to YouTube and Facebook
  • NEW FEATURE: Option to control MP4 video recordings bitrate
  • Fixed "Upload failed!" message when uploading to Facebook
  • User interface improvements
  • Important stability fixes

15/02/2014 Action! 1.17.4

  • Custom Action! open folder and open file dialog windows added.
  • Stability fixes

04/02/2014 Action! 1.17.3

  • Fixed support for systems with AMD GPUs and non-vendor certified drivers
  • Stability fixes

03/02/2014 Action! 1.17.2

  • Fixed Windows 8.1 Modern UI apps recording
  • Fixed HUD recording timer
  • Improved DirectX 10/11 games detection
  • Stability fixes

23/01/2014 Action! 1.17.1

  • NEW FEATURE: Replaced Active desktop recording mode with Active screen recording mode (continuous desktop/fullscreen applications recording)
  • NEW FEATURE: Support for AMD APP acceleration added. Available both for real-time MP4 recordings and for exporting AVI to MP4.
  • IMPORTANT: Improved recording performance (up to 20% less CPU/GPU usage)
  • Fixed Call of Duty Ghosts recording
  • Fixed regular video stutter (in 1 second intervals) in some situations
  • Removed microphone noise when using very sensitive microphones (low volume microphone setups)
  • Improved support for 3rd party video editing software
  • Stability improvements
  • GUI improvements

24/09/2013 Action! 1.16.3

  • Fixed Windows 8.1 RTM desktop recording on PCs with NVIDIA/AMD PCI-E graphics card installed and Intel Quick Sync Video technology enabled.
  • Optimized Action! startup time
  • Improved D3D11 recording
  • Fixed streaming startup with empty stream key

19/09/2013 Action! 1.16.2

  • IMPORTANT: Windows 8.1 RTM desktop and applications recording support added
  • Fixed Action! not running in virtual machine environments
  • Fixed hotkeys associations
  • Allowed same hotkey association for microphone and webcam on key down recording
  • H.264/AVC software video encoding improvements
  • GUI improvements

12/09/2013 Action! 1.16.1

  • Recording and streaming duration time added to HUD
  • Fixed elapsed recording time accuracy (fixes recording duration problem)
  • Fixed long Action! startup time
  • Stability improvements
  • GUI fixes

23/08/2013 Action! 1.16.0

  • New AVI recording engine (recordings are not lost when recorded application crashes)
  • Fixed recording of videos with odd horizontal resolutions
  • Fixed video scaling to 480p and 240p
  • Stability improvements for NVIDIA GPUs
  • GUI fixes

07/08/2013 Action! 1.15.2

  • Action! LIVE Streaming audio vido synchronization improvements
  • Action! LIVE Streaming bitrate improvements
  • Fixed importing of LIVE Streaming recordings in Sony Vegas

02/08/2013 Action! 1.15.1

  • Added option to record microphone into separate audio track for MP4 video recordings
  • Video quality improvements
  • Stability fixes

30/07/2013 Action! 1.15.0

NEW FEATURE: Action! LIVE streaming functionality added:
  • Streaming to, YouTube, Ustream, Livestream, Aliez, Custom RTMP...
  • Streaming gameplay and Windows desktop up to 1080p 60p with Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration
  • Option to record streamed video to disk in MP4 format
Improvements and fixes:
  • Software recording up to 720p (30p) in MP4 file format added
  • Fixed recording of World of Tanks in 1366x768
  • Improved recording performance of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes
  • Update notification popup fixed

03/07/2013 Action! 1.14.3

  • Fixed desktop recording on the new Windows 8.1 Preview

29/05/2013 Action! 1.14.2

  • Fixed corrupted decoding of video recordings including specific mouse cursors (i.e. Photoshop CS6 recordings)

15/05/2013 Action! 1.14.1

  • Stability and performance improvements for webcam recording
  • FICV system decoder improvements

08/04/2013 Action! 1.14.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Webcam recording added for gameplay and desktop recordings!
  • NEW FEATURE: Support for dual webcam recording
  • Stability improvements (fixed no HUD on startup problem)
  • Record webcam on button down option added
  • Added support for standalone ctrl, shift and alt hotkeys
  • Small GUI improvements

22/03/2013 Action! 1.13.3

  • Video quality improved for real-time MP4 recording with Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration
  • High quality preset added for real-time MP4 recording with Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration (1080p@60fps recording)
  • Video quality improved for video recordings exporting to MP4 format
  • GUI improvements

27/02/2013 Action! 1.13.2

  • IMPORTANT: All setups with Intel HD graphics cards require the latest Intel graphics drivers to be installed.
  • Fixed Action! HUD refresh and desktop recording for Windows 7 with Platform Update for Windows 7 installed (KB2670838)
  • Fixed periodic stutter during some games recording (folder junctions support removed)

26/02/2013 Action! 1.13.1

  • NEW FEATURE: Mark video recording as a favorite (CTRL+F)
  • Fixed exporting of 2560x1440 video recordings (and other 16:9 resolutions larger than 1920x1080)
  • Stability fix for video exporting
  • Fixed allowing/disallowing of some hotkeys
  • Fixed free disk space information for folder junctions
  • Small GUI improvements

07/02/2013 Action! 1.13.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Remote Control application for Android is now available!
  • NEW FEATURE: Add bookmark (hotkey: Ctrl+B)
  • NEW FEATURE: Cancel recording (hotkey: Ctrl+Del)
  • Fixed line-in audio recording
  • Buttons for easy export to YouTube and Facebook added

28/12/2012 Action! 1.12.2

  • Fixed activation window for high DPI settings in Windows 8

09/11/2012 Action! 1.12.1

  • Added AAC audio bitrate selection support (up to 512kbps)
  • Fixed MP4/M4A Quadrophonic (4.0) and 7.1 audio recording
  • Fixed AVI exporting with Quadrophonic (4.0) and 7.1 LPCM audio
  • Added support for extended mouse keys as hotkeys
  • Added Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese translations

22/10/2012 Action! 1.12.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Desktop region presets added
  • Important improvements for direct video recording to MP4 format with Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration technology
  • Fixed M4A audio recordings playback on some mobile devices
  • Added '0' (zero) key to reset Action! window position to default setting
  • Fixed minimum disk space requirement for MP4 export
  • Added support for PrintScreen hotkey
  • Stability improvements

05/10/2012 Action! 1.11.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Direct video recording to MP4 (H.264/AVC) format using Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration technology (max FullHD 60p!)
  • NEW FEATURE: Direct video recording to MP4 (H.264/AVC) format using software encoding (max 480p)
  • Improved MP4 muxing performance
  • Maximum YouTube HD profile bitrate increased to 14Mbps
  • Added option to enable/disable file splitting when exporting to YouTube (with parts duration settings)
  • Added exclude list (possibility to block Action! from monitoring selected applications)
    Read tutorial.
  • "Hide HUD on Action! startup" option added
  • Stability improvements

09/09/2012 Action! 1.10.0

  • Important fix for recording Windows 8 Modern UI Style applications
  • Added option to record microphone into separate audio track (for video recordings)
  • Added settings to select microphone input audio device
  • Added settings to select system sound input audio device
  • Fixed audio recording at 192kHz sampling frequency
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Stability improvements

01/09/2012 Action! 1.9.2

  • Fixed recording of games with FXAA mode installed. In example: Alan Wake, Battlefield 3, Skyrim
  • Fixed desktop region recording with region width set to 1280 and with video size set 720p (shifted video problem)
  • Fixed Flash player stability problem (Firefox browser) with Action! running
  • Fixed problem with Skype stability with Action! running
  • User Manuals updated
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Multi-language installer added

20/08/2012 Action! 1.9.1

  • Improved performance of Windows 8 desktop and Windows 8 Modern UI Style applications recording
  • Important GUI improvements (fixed problem with cancel export popup window buttons)
  • Translations improvements

17/08/2012 Action! 1.9.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Adding custom logo and other overlay graphics for video recordings
  • Windows Media Player (and other players using EVR) recording fixed
  • Windows multi-user improvements for desktop recording
  • Stability fixes (closing Action! application)
  • Small GUI improvements (tray mode improvements)

10/08/2012 Action! 1.8.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Pause/resume for video recordings added
  • NEW FEATURE: Support for Logitech multimedia keyboards LCD displays (Logitech G13/G15/G19 etc.)
  • Changed default recordings folder on Windows 8 (fixes problems with desktop video recording)
  • Translations improvements
  • Stability fixes (closing Action! application)
  • Small GUI improvements

31/07/2012 Action! 1.7.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Windows 8 desktop recording added! Enjoy the world's best Windows 8 screen recording performance!
  • Cursor recording fixed in some games and applications (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, League of Legends)
  • 30p and lower fps gameplay recording improvements
  • Capture screenshot improvements for multi-display setups
  • Stability fixes
  • Small GUI improvements

20/07/2012 Action! 1.6.1

  • Very important improvements in audio/video synchronization in long recordings
  • Fixed cyclic video stuttering in recordings (happened in some situations)
  • Fixed frozen video in long recordings (HUD showing 00 fps)
  • Improved quality of Full HD 1080@60p desktop recordings
  • Increased maximum recording time to 24 hours
  • Disabled cursor recording in Perfect Video Match mode
  • Fixed mouse cursor recording in multidisplay mode (Windows 7)
  • Fixed playback of recordings with multichannel audio in Windows Media Player
  • Stability fixes

12/07/2012 Action! 1.6.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Video recording in AVI 2.0 file format (with Mirillis FICV video compression)
  • NEW FEATURE: Editing of raw video recordings (in AVI format) is now possible in 3rd party software like:
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Camtasia Studio
    • Cyberlink Power Director
    • MAGIX Video Pro
    • Sony Vegas PRO
    • VirtualDub
    • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Fixed problem with cut/corrupted exported MP4 videos (low disk space protection)
  • Improved raw FICV video quality in 3rd party software
  • Fixed ultra HD resolution recordings playback in Action! player
  • Small GUI improvements

25/06/2012 Action! 1.5.0

  • NEW FEATURE: FIC decoding support added for applications supporting DirectShow decoders
  • Thumbnails for FIC recordings added for Windows Explorer
  • Improved Action! application closing stability
  • Fixed problem with cut videos when exporting with audio disabled (Audio track set to "Disabled" in export settings)

01/06/2012 Action! 1.4.0

  • NEW FEATURE:Mouse clicks visualizations added for desktop recordings
  • Capture screenshot button added to desktop region panel
  • Improvements for multidisplay setups

29/05/2012 Action! 1.3.4

  • Mouse cursor synchronization improvements
  • Fix for numeric keyboard hotkeys
  • Small UI improvements

26/05/2012 Action! 1.3.3

  • Mouse cursor synchronization improvement for desktop recordings
  • "Slow motion" audio problem in exported MP4 files fixed (experienced for recordings with 192kHz audio)
  • More keyboard buttons are available as Hotkeys
  • Video recording improvements for low framerate recordings
  • Not starting export (showing 0% progress) problem fixed
  • Small UI improvements

11/05/2012 Action! 1.3.2

  • 1 channel microphone sound recording fixed
  • EA Syndicate - game recording fixed
  • The Adventures of Tintin - fixed game recording in windowed mode

04/05/2012 Action! 1.3.1

  • Stability and user interface fixes
  • Japanese translations improvements
  • Japanese user manual added

11/01/2012 Action! 1.3.0

  • World of Warcraft recording with DirectX 11 fixed
  • World of Tanks recording fixed
  • Free disk space information added
  • Recordings total size information added
  • Recording in progress information added
  • "Del" key added for deleting selected recordings
  • Right mouse button menu added for recorded items
  • Action! window restore improvements
  • Action! startup time improvement with VMWare running.

26/11/2011 Action! 1.2.0

  • Video quality improvements for 1366x768 full-screen video recordings
  • PNG and JPG screenshots added for "Games and applications" recording mode

18/11/2011 Action! 1.1.0

  • MP4 Audio output added for audio recording
  • Added option to disable/enable individual Action! hotkeys
  • New hotkey ("S") to switch "Snap to windows" On/Off in desktop region recording mode
  • Action! GUI improvements
  • Action! player stability improvements

16/11/2011 Action! 1.0.1

  • IMPORTANT stability fixes regarding video recording when disk space is running low
  • High DPI support added (150DPI+)
  • Action! GUI improvements
  • Action! player stability improvements
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