Action! add-on

Action! RCU App Overview

Full control within a finger's reach

Use Action! Remote Control Unit to make your recording and streaming even more comfortable and easier. The functionality of our RCU App will let you focus on your gameplay only - forget about hotkeys!

Start, stop and pause video recordings

1. Start, stop and pause video recordings

By using our Action! RCU Application you can easily control recording of your video. Use your mobile device to start, pause and to stop your recording. No more distraction and using hotkeys - now you can focus on recording your gameplay.

Start and stop LIVE Streaming

2. Start and stop LIVE Streaming

Control your stream session with your Android device just by tapping one button on your device start or stop your stream.

Display webcams preview

3. Display webcams preview

Use you mobile device to preview your webcam. You can use it instead of HUD version or see it on both Android device and Windows computer.

Display FPS information

4. Display FPS information

Control all the FPS information from your Android mobile device. The RCU App will show you current and average FPS on your devices screen.

Display video recording time

5. Display video recording time

Keep an eye on the time of the video you are recording on your mobile device. Record the exact length of the video that you need.

Display 3D engine (DX8/9/10/11,12 OpenGL or Windows Aero)

6. Display 3D engine (DX8/9/10/11,12 OpenGL or Windows Aero)

Action! RCU shows you the information on graphic engine that you are currently using.

Display free disk space

7. Display free disk space

Do not let yourself to spoil your gameplay video because of lack of free space on your disk. Control the free disk space directly from our Action! RCU, and when needed pause your recording and create more of free space!