Action! RCU (Remote Control Unit)

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Action! RCU app allows to control your Action! gameplay and screen recordings with Android mobile devices! Start, stop, pause video recordings, display framerate statistics, webcams preview and video recording time.

Get Action! RCU from Google Play

What are Action! RCU application features?

  • Start,stop and pause video recordings
  • Start and stop LIVE Streaming
  • Display recorded webcams preview
  • Display FPS information
  • Display video recording time
  • Display 3D engine (DX8/9/10/11,12 OpenGL or Windows Aero)
  • Display free disk space

How to install Action! RCU on my device?

Go to Google Play find Action! RCU and click install.

How to connect Action! RCU with Action! on PC?

Action! RCU requires a local network to connect to your PC. Please note that your PC and mobile device must be in the same local network.

Please follow the steps below to connect Action! RCU with Action! on your PC:

  • Run Action! on your PC and make sure to enable Enable Action! RCU in General settings
  • Run Action! RCU on your mobile device
  • Select your PC from Action! RCU computer list
  • Enjoy!

What are Action! RCU application requirements?

  • Minimum Android 4.1
  • Action! software (min. version 1.24.1) installed on Windows PC
  • Mobile device and PC must be connected to the same local network