9 Live Streaming Tips and Tricks for Success

October 6, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

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All viewers who see big youtubers like PewDiepie and Markiplier want to be in their shoes. With loyal fans and thousands of people logging onto Youtube just to watch them play videogames in a livestream.

However, the same as with any other thing…

…you will always have to start small.

When beginning to build an image as an internet celebrity beginning with a livestream is a good idea since it allows direct interaction with viewers and for some people it may simply be fun.

And today we provide you with some good ideas to get you started!


The following 9 insanely important tips and tricks will help you to hone your craft and make yourself an entertaining personality who people will want to see.

First and foremost!

Just do what you like and have fun

Do not start to live stream thinking that you will earn a lot of money from it very easily.

Most people make the mistake of starting to live stream just for earning money but  most successful internet personalities today started by doing it for fun and eventually were able to turn it into a fulltime job.

So initially start small and enjoy what you do, eventually if you can, then turn it into a full time job.

Be patient

Note: Live streaming is something that is more trial and error than anything.

First you need to develop an online personality, confidence and a presence which makes viewers want to watch you, in this way you will develop a fan base and following which will be imperative to your success. However, do not get discouraged if your first few attempts do not work out work through it and you will prevail. Eventually you will find a way of presenting yourself that is fun for you and that audiences also respond well to,

Interact with your viewers


Viewers do not want an internet personality who is completely stonefaced while presenting.

Bottom line?

They will not be interested in you, so make sure to always interact with your audience. You can do this in a number of ways for example using a live chat window. Another thing you could do is conduct a question and answers session after you are done with your streaming session. This will give you a stronger fan base.

Use a Content Delivery Service provider

When you use a platform that streams over a reliable Content Delivery service you will always have a much more pleasant experience live streaming. Along with that it also helps you to grow as an internet personality since a broadcast through a content delivery service is able to reach a lot more people.

Helpful tip:

 Increasing the scope of people that you broadcast to makes it possible that more people will like you and can make it easier for you and your live stream to grow.

Always be punctual

For example, when you say your stream will being at 1 o clock it should start at that time. Always be present 10 minutes before, this is an important to better your stream and is a good tip for not only new streamers but veteran streamers as well.

It is encouraged to be present in the stream before the time when it is expected to begin, since in this way you can prevent people who arrived from leaving because otherwise there would be nothing to do in the stream and they would have to leave.

Pick a genre you are good at

When people think of live stream most think of only video games, however, that is not always the case, live streams can be in the form of podcasts, discussions, lessons for certain subjects etc. The important thing is not to choose a subject because it is mainstream but choose a topic because it is close to your heart. The passion you feel will be reflected in the work you put out and this quality will help in growing your fan base.

Do not pick gaming just because most live streamers game. Be creative about what you want to do and you will do well.

Good equipment? Definitely!

But stay with us…

If you have a good mic you will have a clearer voice and your audience will be able to listen to you better. Along with that make sure that you have a video camera or webcam that can record good video. This equipment improves the base quality of your stream as well as being aesthetically pleasing when equipment like your good quality mike or headset is visible.

Mention options for connecting with you

You must have seen on the end of most youtube videos they neither display nor show off their Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram accounts among others.

Here’s the deal:

Be sure to do this since fans who will visit your pages will get to know you. Along with that it could provide you with a small sense of accomplishment when people try to add you on social media.

Never forget your viewers

What’s the big secret we’re talking about?

Congratulate and appreciate the viewer base you have once you build it up. Always remember that as a live streamer your fans are what both make and break you. Always appreciate the fans you have and regularly make them aware of how much you appreciate them. It makes the audience feel appreciated and develops a good personality for you in front of your fans.

And last but not least…

Select good screen recorder and streaming software

If you want to create an amazing experience following the above points is imperative but the software you use for your streaming makes a huge difference. Mirillis Action Screen Recorder is present to solve the problem of finding reliable streaming software.
The easy to use software, with a multitude of options and adjustable settings provides the optimal streaming experience for both the viewers and the streamer. Hotkeys can be used to make it easier to use by adjusting to you own preferences and streaming can be done from the app directly onto other websites such as Facebook and Twitch.

Using these 9 tips you should be able to create a live stream that people will be interested in watching and develop a personality that is humorous and entertaining to grow your fanbase.


Good luck! 🙂

Author: Mirillis Team

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