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Very often, not so tech savvy users struggle to find the best tech equipment for them – whether it’s PC, camera, laptop, smartphone – current offer on the market is just so big currently that in most cases we just buy whatever that looks “pretty” while forgetting about “what’s the best for my needs”. To help you buying the best piece of tech for yourself, I’ve prepared a list of the best technology YouTube channels in 2018.


Digital Rev TV
Photography tech and tips


If you’re a photography enthusiast and are looking for channel that will help you hone your photography skills as well as find the most useful camera there is, then this is a channel for you. Videos tend to be funny, what means that they are much easier and nicer to watch. It’s definitely one of the top channels featuring photography tips, and cameras. Check the video and visit the channel afterwards for sure, if you enjoy some quality photography content

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PC knowledge base


This channel was created by Edgar Oganesyan who managed to make this channel into one of the most popular PC-related YouTube channels. Over there, you may expect lots of comparison videos, various PC builds and other very useful tips for people who care a lot about their PC’s.

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Tech gadgets


If you just want to have everything technology-related then make sure to visit this channel. You may find lots of gadgets, reviews, comparison videos and other stuff. If you are looking for the best smartphone, headphones, mouse or even things like gamer’s backpack etc. this is a great knowledge base for you.

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Erica Griffin
Mobile devices and portable game consoles


If all the technology channels you’ve seen were made by men, then Erica Griffin just proved you wrong. This successful channel features lots of comparison and unboxing videos on the subject of smartphones and portable game consoles.

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Every person’s technology


Jon Rettinger, creator of TechBuffalo, mostly covers reviews and comparison videos of smartphones, however you will also see devices such as laptops, smartwatches, smarthome devices, and a lot of other stuff. You may expect professional vlogs, showing honest opinions about product that he reviews couple of time, throughout the entire testing process.

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Jonathan Morrison
The best tech among the best


Jonathan Morrison is good at reviewing the best mobile devices on the planet, and other related stuff. You may expect Apple, Samsung and Google to be featured on the channel on a regular basis with videos describing their more well known products, such as newest Samsung Galaxy models, iphones and Google mobile devices. You may also from time to time expect some PC/Mac reviews.

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Marques Brownlee
Apple, Apple, Google and more Apple


Very popular channel (MKBHD) features a lot of Apple, Google and Samsung products, however you may expect some other equipment reviews. Marques is very honest and isn’t afraid of critiquing the best types of equipment currently on the market, which is proven on the above video. If you are looking for thorough review for the most popular products, make sure to check this channel.

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Austin Evans
Thorough and fun tech savvy


If you are looking for good equipment or want to avoid a bad technology equipment, make sure to follow this channel. Austin keeps you updated on all kinds of gadgets, and from time to time records videos featuring items that are completely not worth their price (although in a much more comical manner). The videos are well made, with all important aspects of reviewed items being described. If you are looking for someone who can tell you about technology in a more lively manner, make sure to stumble upon this channel.

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Unbox Therapy
Top technology channel


Lewis Hilsenteger, owned of Unbox Therapy, recently achieved 10 million subscribers. This only shows how good his technology channel is. What you can expect right there, is a tons of content technology related. But unlike most channels here, you won’t be seeing as much Apple, Google, Samsung coverage. Unbox Therapy channel features lots of various gadgets or funny reviews for example of the cheapest smartphone in the world etc. Not only people interested in technology will find this channel enjoyable.

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