Biggest mistakes content creators do on YouTube

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Nowadays, a lot of people want to create their own channels full of hope that they will grow those channels to incredible size. Most of them, however, do not realize just how many mistakes they are doing, making their channels completely unsuccessful. We’ve prepared a list of biggest mistakes that (not only) amateur YouTubers do.


Copying other YouTuber’s tags, descriptions and video titles.

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Owners of small channels often think that creating the same video title as “that cool guy” will make them grow their channel – while for a very short moment this might work – it is completely pointless further on. More specifically, when you copy a unique title, the chances are that your video won’t be appreciated. However, if you have a gameplay video of any game, nobody will blame you if you will be another among thousands of people naming their vide “#game title# – gameplay walkthrough part 10” – but don’t expect that lots of people will view those videos.


Picking any tags and categories

If you think that your gameplay video deserves “health and lifestyle” category then you’re completely wrong. Not only it won’t help you get more views, but your future videos might have decreased reach and even if someone types in the exact title of your video, it might not appear after the search.


Posting videos as the only viable solution to grow subscribers

Posting a video every day or every couple of days isn’t going to make you gain subscribers rapidly. What you need is a diversity – mainly collaboration, but also other forms such as giveaways and other contests work well.


Uploading absolutely every recording you have

If you think that just any video is “okay” as long as you upload regularly, then you are in for a big disappointment. Bad quality content tends to only discourage people from watching your videos again. Additionally, don’t treat your YouTube channel as cloud drive where you can store everything (even in private mode). This will make your channel only messy and sooner or later you will lose control over your channel, not knowing what lies where.


Being someone else

Copying someone else’s ideas is probably one of the worst things you can do in a long term. What’s more, acting like other YouTubers is by no means a way to grow subscriber base. Just because someone has lots of subs due to his/her behavior doesn’t mean that if you “fake” someone else, nobody will enjoy it. It’s important to create your own style by simply being yourself.


Leaving empty description box

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Remember that you need to always fill description box. Add some very short overview of the video and links to your channels social profile or landing page if you have one. Perhaps, create patreon page and add a link where your fans may donate.


Not encouraging people to subscribe

Nowadays, not asking means as much as “not getting anything”. You need to ask people to leave a comment and subscribe. Include small subscription banners within your video as well as on channel art.


Doing no research before posting seemingly good video idea

Just because you think that something will work, doesn’t mean that it will – every person who did that found out about that instantly. Of course, people learn from their mistakes, but since it’s possible, it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. Thus, try to do some research before you show your “brilliant”┬áidea to others.


Uploading dull and long content

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There is a very limited amount of channels that feature for example very long gameplays with no commentary – except few examples, this form of gaming channel isn’t going to work at all. Perhaps you may get some subscribers but there is a threshold that you won’t be able to pass with this type of videos. Try to upload short, entertaining and/or very informative videos on your channel. After some time, try to experiment with longer video times, maybe some different content.


Turning off comments or not engaging with audience

While turning off comments is very rare on YouTube, and even new YouTubers don’t really do that, lots of beginners do avoid responding to comments below their videos. This is a big mistake. People are more likely to come back if they see that you engage with them, show respect as well as an appreciation for them for being here and enjoying your videos.


What do you think of this list? If you need advice on how to be successful, check back our previous guides on how to become YouTuber!


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