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Hello Guys!
Here’s the first giveaway on our blog in 2018! Join the competition and win a lifetime commercial license to Mirillis Action! screen recorder 🙂

In order to win, you need to post in the comments your New Year resolutions!

You can post only one comment. No cheating – otherwise you will be disqualified.

The best comments will receive a prize! Your comments will be sent to a draft, so no one could copy your entry and use it as their own. All entries will be approved after the competition. Please provide your real email in the comments. Otherwise, we won’t be able to contact you.

The competition starts today – 15.01.2018 and ends on 22.01.2018

Action screen recorder giveaway

The terms and conditions:

1. Participation Period: The Contest is open for participation from 15th January 2012 to 22nd January 2018.

2.The winner is notified directly: The main prize winners will  be notified directly via email by 24th January 2018

3. Contest organizer: The Contest is organized by Mirillis Ltd, having its principle place of business at ul. Fabryczna 14b/1, 65-410, Zielona Góra, woj. Lubuskie, Poland

4. Personal Data: By participating in this Contest the participant accepts that the personal details will be processed by Mirillis Ltd. in order to administer the Contest.

5. You can contact us via

6. By participating, you accept the terms of this competition.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments!

We hope you will have fun! 🙂

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  • Grant Mcfayden says:

    My new years resolution that i am totally not going to break is eating less sugar :3 *He says while he eats fruit pastilles

  • Joscha Z says:

    My New Year resolution:
    – Quit smoking
    – getting my first own game released
    – becoming a really good player in Battalion 1944

  • Matthew Chiang says:

    My new year’s resolution is to start recording again and maybe upgrade to “mirillis action!”

  • Hi!
    My goals for this 2018 are growing up my channel recording quality gameplays with an original Action key.
    The program is not expensive cause all worths to record a professional video like this program does. Gl
    Sorry for my bad english i didnt use the translator 😀

  • This year I will use a lot this amazing program for show it to eveyone and use it everywhere! Thank you for everything and gl to everyone!

  • David Pfeifer says:

    I like the recording program Action! I will record the games and else with this program, so I’m very excited for the update 3.0 and the new software (which is an instant buy for me). But my new year resolution? Always be myself, give a s**t on false friends and always be there for those who are also for me.

    Greatings from Germany

  • Manuel Perez says:

    1 Get abs
    2 Lose weight
    3 Party more
    4 Laugh more
    5 Play more
    6 Forget about them so I don?t feel bad by the end of 2018

  • Manuel Perez says:

    1 Get abs
    2 Lose weight
    3 Party more
    4 Laugh more
    5 Play more
    6 Forget about them so I don?t feel bad by the end of 2018

  • Justin Ayson says:

    My new year resolution is to fix my time management. I want to balance my time on my gaming+streaming, family and work.


    My new year resolutions is 5760 x 1080. You know, pc monitor. Just kidding!

    Gamers New Year Resolutions!
    ?Make more gameplays/clips to my youtube channel.
    ?Give the “new guy” a chance, we were all noobs once.
    ?Finish those games I never play.
    ?Play on my console again.

    Oh, “normal” life resolutions now ?
    ?Enjoy life to the fullest!
    ?Learn something new
    ?You know, stuff like that 😛

  • Aj Salinas says:

    Keep a consistent flow of videos. Dosnt have to be every day, but must have some sort of consistency.

  • Nithproxy says:

    since i already got fit (good job me xD)

    so my new goals would be:
    1- learn coding (Yikes!)
    2- get a better rank in certain game (i know what your thinking games in a new resolution but you need to remember i reached the important one last year *Wink Wink*)
    3- Find da Wey (sorry its important )

  • Raunak Kale says:

    My new year’s resolution is to record a new video everday using mirilis action recorder.

  • Alberto says:

    Only Action! is action
    Others are No Action ??

  • safwan says:

    My new resolution is I want to upgrade my PC to be able to record in 60fps.
    Having capable software like Action! will to complete my resolution
    PCMASTERRRACE babyyyyyy!
    60fps smooth like butter~

  • Mateusz says:

    Moim pierwszym noworocznym postanowieniem jest zostanie profesjonalnym youtuberem lecz niemego tego na razie spełnić bez dobrego sprzętu do nagrywania i programu, drugim postanowieniem jest spróbowanie czegoś nowego np. skoku z spadochronem lub na bungee, a trzecim postanowieniem najważniejszym jest w końcu odezwanie się do dziewczyny w której się kocham.

  • Joshbert says:

    I try to improve my posture. I’m sitting like Gollum in front of my PC when I game, that is definetly not healthy. Getting slowly some back problems, so I need to get active with some special excercises.

  • Chanachai Limroatcharonevong says:

    Finally, I found that my weight is higher than it should be. I am 100% sure that it happens because I take too much time sitting in front of the computer and less time for working out at gym. So this year I will try to control it by increasing exercise duration.

  • Micheal says:

    So maybe i dont play a lot, mainly becouse school but i have lots of funny moments, and to be honest – recording via OBS is chore and ShadowPlay is elusive, i think i kinda need profesional program to recording, maybe even become someone on youtube or twitch , who knows 😀

  • Mohammad Ali says:

    i will try use electronic devices less watch less movie.

  • jonathan says:

    my new year resolution is 1080p@60hz

  • Douglas says:

    I’m going to stop trying to change other people, and focus on raising my daughter to the best of my ability. Everything happens for a reason.

  • Enigma Chery says:

    My new year resolution is to strictly follow my daily scheduled routine as generally I am very lazy. I also want to help society in some way which makes me feel happy.

  • Bahaa Elfakharany says:

    Thank You for Amazing 2018
    I want to create a new aim for my life to work on it regarding my job and helping others especially there was some disappointments in 2017.

  • Sławek says:

    My New Year resolutions!

    – Buy a 4K monitor
    – Start recording courses in 4K resolution
    – Record more good content
    – Get over 2 million views
    – Start running (in progress 🙂

  • Sami says:

    I try to lern C# together with Unity3D.

  • I want to create more and more content and beat all my 156 steam games this year, produce more content and of course NOT MAKE A VLOG ABOUT A DEAD PERSON ?\_(?)_/?

  • Tim says:

    My new years resolution is to get fit, lose weight and start getting outside more often.

  • Estoy cansado de grabar gameplays con lag, siempre van mal las grabaciones, en mi país ya que soy de Venezuela no hay siempre son piratas y no me gusta, y es imposible comprarlo no solo por el precio (ya que aquí vale casi 4 sueldos son (6$ equivale ) el sueldo, imposible todo se gasta en “comida´´ que ni alcanza para una canasta básica) entonces busque algún programa en youtube y el mejor Action!, y acabo de ver la actualización 2.0.0 que está muy genial con todo lo que tiene, y la 3.0 en youtube su canal 😉 que se ve que estará espectacular ya quiero verla en accion, con este programa quiero mejorar mi contenido calidad de video, fps, streamig, y vi la oportunidad en su Twitter de participar en este giveaway y porque no ganarlo, gracias Action! por esta oportunidad un saludo desde Venezuela, se les quiere adioss

  • VB says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Miłosz Rosik says:

    Finish my Game and lose some weight. Those are my resolutions

  • Alexander Oropeza says:

    My new year RESOLUTION is to get a 4k screen boiiii (also lose weight)

  • Sami says:

    I bought a Mirillis Action and PC for record video and upload youtube

  • Lo?c says:

    My new-year resolution is to use Action! so I can also rid of xsplit…

  • Tarek says:

    Thank you very much for the giveaway. I am using Mirillis Action and it is really wonderful
    It is the best screen and game recording software.
    I can easily have real time time recording with good HD quality. Additionally there are many built-in features that make it the best. It is a great offer to have a lifetime license for the long awaited updates version

  • Tregs Beales says:

    New Years resolution this year is definitely going to be worrying less about what people think of me. And to stop making decisions based on how it affects others before I consider my own family. Wish I had made that one last year.

  • rifqi aprilian d says:

    I want to ask, to follow giveaway mirillis this action I have to give a comment like what and I have to send my comments where ??

  • Fiona Armfeld says:

    Well, I?m topping my NYRes list with “Moving up the score board” so basically, 2018 is gonna be a different story. The word ‘Try’ won?t be in my dictionary anymore. Either I can do it or not… I?ve also decided that I won?t limit my fitness goals. That is why I have taken a pledge by running the full city marathon. I am going to be intentionally kind to everyone.

  • Now in English :
    I’m tired of recording gameplays with lag, recordings always go bad, in my country since I’m from Venezuela there are not always pirates and I do not like it, and it’s impossible to buy it not only for the price (since here it’s worth almost 4 salaries are (6 $ equivalent) the salary, impossible everything is spent on “food” not even enough for a basic basket) then look for some program on YouTube and the best Action !, and I just saw the 2.0.0 update that is very cool with everything you have, and 3.0 on YouTube your channel ? that looks spectacular and I want to see it in action, with this program I want to improve my video quality content, fps, streamig, and I saw the opportunity on your Twitter to participate in this giveaway and why not win it, thanks Action! for this opportunity a greeting from Venezuela, you want goodbye

  • Frank Gunner says:

    I want to be a little bit more kind to the needy.

  • Jatien Seung Forcee says:

    My NY Resolutions include studying my Bible more and to start trusting my heart.
    Think starting tomorrow I’m gonna take a break from my FB and insta and just try to relax without my phone going off every two seconds. It kinda not very good in terms of being a reliable method of self-improvement but at least a start. Now let pray my brain keeps up with the change.

  • Deb Rakshit says:

    My resolutions this year are all about making myself a better person with a better life!
    My golf picks will be better. My goals are to drink more water and have more patience.
    Let?s have a good positive year by living this year day by day without many false expectations or promises to break.

  • Kevin Mitchell says:

    Can I still call it a New Year?s resolution if I reset 2 weeks in? Promised to start dieting this new year but that resolution went out the window by the second week of January. All New Year’s resolutions to lose weight were suspended. So as soon as the Mirillis contest came on my timeline I got a pretty good alibi for a second go! Cheers for this Mirillis.
    I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m definitely on my way!

  • Adam Gray says:

    My new years resolution, to be a great customer service representative. I work for a bank, and I have always enjoyed helping people. I also enjoy playing video games, and occasionally uploading footage. I’ve tried every other on the the market: Fraps, Bandicam, Dxtory, but I’ve never found one as cool-looking or interesting or well designed as Action! Also, the others are soooooooooo easy to crack and pirate, and Mirillis takes their security very well. It’s my go-to video recording software!!

  • Debnath Son says:

    It?s January 19th & virtually everyone who set new year resolutions/2018 goals has already quit. So if you?re still on track take a moment to congratulate yourself & if you fell off, let it go and get going again.

    Yes, telling these few lines to the people I know & come across throughout this January is my New year resolution.

  • Steven Schmidt says:

    It may be freaky Friday, but I kicked my belated New Year?s resolution in the butt this morning by actually getting out of bed on time! And my eyes are looking wide awake! I guess not every top dog keeps their New Year?s resolution in so sneaky funny and smart way. [Insert accomplished gif]
    2018 will be the year of energy, self-awareness & heightening intelligence, & keeping more to me?..

  • Darren Leliot says:

    So far in 2018, I have been doing some pushups. Yesterday, I got a compliment for how my arms felt. Suppose I have been doing a pretty good job of that so far because I?m mostly trying to fix my sore back.
    So don?t let the hype fool you & take your time; who knows what is in store. Today may be the perfect day to make realistic 2018 goals. Just because the New Year has come and gone it doesn’t mean the chance for a “fresh start” has passed too.
    This year I am gonna pledge more time to my local eco club & plant more trees around our locality with my little daughter Soph. God paints in many colors, so do our mother nature.
    Cheers for a giveway.

  • Carlos medina says:

    I want it!!! Mirillis action is the best recording program ever seen before

  • Nurullah says:

    Yeni y?la girerken çok iyi şeyler düşündüm daha çok ders çal?ş?cam, daha çok youtube video at?cam ,daha çok spor yap?cam ve ailemle birlikte mutlu bir y?l geçirmeyi diledim

  • Nyamka says:

    My new year resolution is becomimg better. Like to learn new things and become more professional in what i know. That way I’ll live even more happier. Happiness is the key

  • Robinson Uyamot says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is not become single anymore. HAHAHA. Just Kidding. But the save money to build and upgrade a PC. Btw I’m just a student but saving in this time is hard to do. ACTION might help me on my live stream videos, posting awesome videos, or posting some meme. hahaha. And the next one is not to get fat this year. I want to be physically active also. And the last to have her. HAHAHAHA.

  • Moje postanowienie noworoczne to zdyscyplinowanie samego siebie, a składać się na to będą:
    – zminimalizowanie czasu marnowanego na granie w gry,
    – przeznaczenie tego czasu w/w na nagrywanie na mój kanał YouTube o nazwie Slamar, a za razem rozwinięcie mojego kanału,
    – zmobilizowanie się do pójścia na przysłowiową “siłkę” bo zabieram się na to już pół roku jeżeli nie więcej 😛
    – i ostatnie utrzymanie trochę większego porządku w pokoju, może jakiś mały remont ukierunkowany pod nagrywanie (green
    screen, pianki wygłuszające, dodatkowe oświetlenie).

    Do tego przydałby się wasz świetny program, darmowe odpowiedniki często mają swoje liczne wady (np. niska jakość obrazu, wysokie obciążenie procesora i inne).

  • ZiemowitCos says:

    Chciałbym wygrać komercyjną wersję action ponieważ chciałbym zarabiać na filmach z tego jakże dobrego programu 🙂

  • Daniel says:

    My New Year resolutions:
    1. Don’t stop working out despite anythig
    2. Don’t stop gaming despite anything
    3. Do way more creative works than before
    4. Don’t make people feel bad because of me
    5. Live this year so that in 2019 I will have no need for any resolutions

  • Arnellord Bondoc says:

    I don’t need to wait a New Year to make a resolution. Everyday I am who I am.

  • Conseguir abrir action 2 vezes, pq n?o precisei fechar ele 0 vezes, apenas com 1 click fiz um vídeo, gravando por dia 7 vídeo sem parar, fechando assim 2017, com novo action, 3.0 farei o mesmo assim gravando 8 vídeo por dia, assim se tornando o grande numero 2018 pra todos nos com action o melhor gravador de todos os tempo. feliz 2018.

  • Paul Negrete says:

    My new year resolutions are mainly get a good job so I can build a new pc to play on 4k and be able to stream 🙂

  • Ethan Booth says:

    My new years resolution is to lose weight and start focusing on my youtube channel. My goal would be to try and upload 100 videos this year to youtube, and this key would really help me.

  • Aidan Potteiger says:

    I have multiple new year resolutions actually, 1 is to clean out my computer and room (because they’re both pretty messy) and 2 to start up a youtube channel with my friend on old video games.

  • BobaBrett says:

    My newYears Resolution will finally be a 4k display so it goes hand in hand lol jk

    Really I want to grow my YT and Twitch channel so the more tools i have to help with that the better of course wining this would help me do this and it would be amazing to use your tool for commercial use on my YT channel! I own your basic edition and love it so far. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    Good luck to everyone!

    Brett AKA BobaBrett =-)

  • Debang Merkadi says:

    I cant help but think of how in Scripture we read “Behold I make all things new.” A new year, new goals/resolutions etc. I try to keep it simple. Organize more and be nice. Simple. Add more music & colors to life (and remembering to stop getting packaged on tours with terrible pop-punk bands). And forgo use of one expletive. Coming along pretty well!!

  • Irfan Muharam says:

    All In One Multimedia in Mirillis!

  • Gabriel LaPierre says:

    Each New Year we are gung-ho to accomplish our resolutions. Inevitably, we stray from our goals and return to old habits. Our spiritual resolve tends to follow a similar pattern. My New Years resolution was to eat cheese & chocolate EVERY day for the January and I’m really proud to say that I’ve stuck to it 2 weeks in. Believe in your dreams people. Anything is possible.
    For the rest of the year? Being the best me that I can be!

  • Daniel B. Stuart says:

    Resolutions get us motivated the first few months but fade later. Writing, planning and setting our goals let people be more concentrated and not feel rushed. So its about setting real achievable goals. I love the concept of self-betterment and self-reflection. I want to make this a year full of reading and writing. Rage less, love more, dress nice. Lets continue with the personal growth I experienced in 2017!

  • meebunny says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m really happy for this Commercial license giveaway.

    My New Year resolutions is to win this giveaway and obtain Action! Commercial license for a LIFETIME.

    I would like to start my own Gaming Channel via Youtube/Twitch and I need a good Stream/Recording software for my Videos. Sure there are a lot of free Software on the Internet/Market but when I try the Trial for 30-DAY, I feel very happy and It was really pleasant to record videos + the Setting are easy to understand too.

    Because I really like ACTION! but due to my finance problem(I’m a Student) can’t afford to buy the Software because I need to save up for my tuition fees and accommodation. Even if there are Discount on Christmas til new Year, I didn’t have enough money to buy it. I’m always on facebook or twitter and follow Mirillis page to keep myself up to date with the ACTION! Software. It look really awesome and I wish to stream and record my Videos with the programs. There a lot of ACTION 3 update coming on 2018. I’m really going crazy right now. So happy that you guys will draw 5 winners and not only one.

    I’m really looking forward to the prize and hope that I will be one of the lucky prize winners. I wish Mirillis good luck and success in your future business career.

    If I were able to win the Prize, I will naturally let more people know about mirillis and their awesome software via my Channel.


  • Pablo Michael Tardio Ventura says:

    Hi dear people
    Well, I am happy of this giveaway 🙂 and i want to say so thanks for the oportunity that you are giving to all of us!
    So, my new year resolutions are to put all my energy happiness and enthusiasm to make my Youtube channel a better place where the people can go to laugh and be happy, Because I feel a lot of happiness when I read the comments like ”oh, that was so funny, keep going”, also reaching the One Hundred Thousand of subscribers would be awesome, By the way my channel is Ventuxeo hehe (I’m not spamming, it was only if you do not believe me ) and also another wish in this year is to find a job, I am at the university but i would like to earn my money to help in my house, I think that’s all, I hope to win 🙂 , but if not, thanks anyways.
    Happy new year, although is 20 days late 🙂
    Bye bye

  • Nathanael says:

    as cliche as it sounds, get fit and learn a martial art.

  • Jason F says:

    I resolve to find more time to kick ass* and chew bubble gum**. ?

    *play games
    **stream games