How to become a Youtuber? – part 4

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Following previous parts (LINK) of the this blog series “How to become Youtuber” you can safely say that you understand how YouTube works. You should also be aware that sooner or later you will face a crisis with your YouTube career. Whether it is very slow growth or decreased number of subscribers, you know that you have to fight your way through.

However, there are still many things that content creator ought to know throughout his/her YouTube career.

What about risk taking, voice exercises, general skill improvements and other things that might help you improve your channel? In this part I will describe yet another series of tips that might help you grow your channel more rapidly.


Risk taking

Taking risk on YouTube

While in many cases this strategy fails (and sometimes it fails badly), it is still worth mentioning this possibility. Well-thought plan that is meant to introduce something new and refreshing might be just what your channel needs.

One such example would be having a channel focused on news about games that changes its form into a funny-video gameplay footage from the same game. Other possibilities are complete change of game featured on the channel (or even topic). This might just bring a breath of fresh air into your viewers, bringing even more satisfied viewers.

The biggest risk (that many YouTubers take) is making YouTube their full-time job. This allows you to upload videos much more often, as well as broaden the topic range featured on your channel. At this point many content creators give up, as revenue from ads and also growth rate of the channel is too slow to satisfy their needs. If you are planning on becoming professional YouTuber, this is something you will have to go through. Don’t do it too early though – make sure you find the best moment for it – save some money to last even a couple of months (while you wait for the channel growth), maybe get some part-time job instead and try to make the best videos you can possibly think of.


Invest in your channel

Invest in skills to be more successful on YouTube

While there are many things you can learn by yourself, there might always be a limit to your imagination. This is especially true when it comes to video editing and photo editing (for thumbnails).

Most Youtubers learn simple tricks from other free guides to make a cool thumbnail and edit the video in an acceptable way. They do not know however, just how much editing programs can really do and how much real work they need to fully get to know the software.

That’s why it might be good to visit some skill sharing page with professionals teaching you methods to make an amazing video and thumbnail with use of features that you’ve never heard of. Those courses are not as expensive as you think (and are also available online) and can only help you improve your channel quality. Other skills you might want to think about improving is your voice itself – paying someone to improve your speech (which is so important on YouTube!!) will most likely pay off.

The other possibility might be actually employing a professional to make a thumbnail and edit a video – those people know what they’re doing. However only bigger Youtubers can afford those (although it also depends on the number of videos you make per month).


Set up your Patreon page

Getting donations through Patreon

Is your channel not ad-friendly? Or perhaps the methods we’ve described in one of our previous posts about making money on YouTube (LINK) don’t really bring you as much money as you’d like, you might try something else.

If by some chance you still don’t know what Patreon is, it is about time you find out.

Essentially, Patreon allows your content creators to get paid via donations given to them by their viewers. So if you are a content creator yourself and you think that you have dedicated audience, it might be a good idea to set up your Patreon page.

The process is relatively easy, however this means you are probably going to have to spend more time on your YouTube channel instead. Most content creators tend to create unique content available only for your patrons that paid a specific amount to help your channel grow.

Think about what perks of being a patron would one get for donating to you monthly for each specific price. For example:
2$ – access to special video
10$ – access to private group discord
50$ – some form of coaching
100$ – one on one conversation

etc. The ideas are only limited by your imagination. Check out other patreon pages as a reference for your future page. Just remember to always to not get your hopes too high. While obviously everyone wishes you well, your newly made patreon page may show $0 monthly. If this happen, think about what you could do to make it work properly. There is no universal pattern that works every time. Well created patreon page is able to keep new visitors on your channel permanently.


Keep in mind that today’s advice is not meant for very small channels, but rather those that either experience rapid growth in subscribers (due to implementation of successful strategies) or already have considerable number of subscribers (depending on the type of audience it might be 1000 to even 100 000).

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